Diving for Cruisers - Admirals' Angle Collection Updated

gwen setting up whaler We’ve just updated our collection of Gwen Hamlin’s Admirals’ Angle columns with the latest two being about cruisers’ relationship with the water that surrounds them.

As a veteran dive instructor, Gwen has good ideas about how to prep your boat and yourselves for safely adding scuba and snorkeling to your voyage, and the Admirals have contributed photos from around the world!

Diving In: Preparation & Gear

There are two basic reasons cruisers jump over the side: because they want to or because they have to.

The want-to department consists of snorkeling and scuba diving and hunting for seafood to spear or collect, but also …

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Water, Water Everywhere

It’s an inescapable fact of cruising: we live surrounded by water. Often deep water.

A landlubber might assume that everyone who chooses the cruising lifestyle has a natural affinity for water…

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