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Sharing Our Stories

Committee boat


Before our role as committee boat for the Rolex Regatta, I had no idea what would be involved.

The concept, as I understood it, seemed simple enough: Clean up the boat then stay handy and out of the way at the same time.

The morning of the first day, a breeze blew through the salon and a …Read more

Lessons Learned

Anything you can do…


Lisa in her bright pink dress surrounded by her crewmates
in their Bermuda shorts and high socks

At first, being the only woman on a boat is no fun. You have to change in a teeny head or cabin, hide certain bathroom products from sneaky boys, and deal with a larger hygienic adjustment than most men. However, …Read more

Take Your Passion Cruising

Ellen Sanpere races her home, combining cruising and racing


It only took about 40 years and two failed marriages for me to discover my passion is sailing. The question, “Would you like to go sailing?” was not one I could ever answer in the negative. My calendar revolves around regattas and racing schedules to this day.

As a young adult, I raced every …Read more

Cruisers give back

Ellen Sanpere working with the St. Croix Hospice Regatta

ellen sanpere

Cruiser Ellen Sanpere has been a terrific champion of volunteering as you cruise. She started the “Volunteering” section on the Women and Cruising Resources page. She worked with Fundamigos in Venezuela for a number of seasons. Now that she is hanging around in the Virgin Islands, she has been giving …Read more