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Searching for a new way of life in the boating industry


Amanda’s question

I am a single, laid back, 34 yr old female, that is physically fit, a college grad, and currently living in Florida. I’m seeking a life change and am considering a career in the sailing/boating industry.

I have been sailing most of my life…attended sailing camps in the summer as a kid, and then instructed …Read more


How do we earn money while sailing? Is going into the charter business a good option?


Amy has more questions:

How do we earn money while sailing? Is going into the charter business a good option?

Do you have to have a special license to do daysails or charters?

I am not a writer or a journalist, which it seems, most of the people who contribute to Women and Cruising are. I do …Read more


Where to begin?


Amy’s questions

My husband and I are very serious about eventually enjoying the cruising lifestyle.

• We are presently up against many challenges, least of those is not having any experience sailing. We live in central Ohio, therefore our opportunities to learn to sail are fairly limited.  I have done some extensive research about sailing …Read more


World Cruising Destinations, Jimmy Cornell’s new book!



I just got my copy of Jimmy Cornell’s new World Cruising Destinations this last week – and I am in love with it!

I’ve carried Jimmy Cornell’s books aboard my boat ever since I bought my first copy of World Cruising Routes in the late ‘80s.

When I was finally lucky enough to have …Read more

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What should I cook on our BVI sailing charter?


Gwen Hamlin answers this question:

We are planning an 8 day catamaran trip to the BVI’s. This is a first sailing trip for my boyfriend and I, and my sis and her hubby. My boyfriend and I love to cook, grill, prepare, etc. My sister and her husband prefer not to bother. So here is my question, do you have some recipes that you could share that are fun and easy to prepare,Read more

Take Your Passion Cruising

Gwen took her SCUBA passion cruising


Actually, it was the other way around: It was my passion that took me cruising.

I became an avid scuba diver while living in New York City. I know it sounds odd, but not only is there some excellent (and very historical) diving in the New York metro area, but the city probably has the world’s best access OUT by air to great diving …Read more