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Cruisers give back

Birding Aboard “SeaBC” has sailors reporting unusual birds


In the Women and Cruising blog series “Take Your Passion Cruising” I wrote about my passion: birds.

When you’re cruising, you’re immersed in nature, and many of us enjoy watching the birds while underway or at anchor. But as a boater you’re also in a unique position to contribute to citizen science simply …Read more

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Marine Conservation is my passion


Marine Conservation is my passion and I have worked on ocean issues for decades learning a great deal along the way.

Sally-Christine Rodgers with husband Randy Repass & their son, Kent-Harris.

The oceans are in crisis and we who love them need to step up and be vocal in support of sustainable seafood, reducing Co2 emissions, …Read more

Fears and Worries, First Cruise/First passage

Adventures of a once reluctant sailor


Ready to go

In 2007, my husband Wayne and I traveled from Bayfield, Wisconsin, on Lake Superior to Punta Gorda, Florida, on our Island Packet 445 sailboat. We chose the long route, which took us through the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Canadian Maritime provinces, a trip of about five thousand miles.

I had absolutely no intention …Read more

Cruising Life, Fears and Worries, Lessons Learned

Chance encounters between ships and whales - Part 2


Bizarre whale tales

Who can forget the photos of the 40 ton southern right whale (Eubalaena australis) that breached onto a 33ft sloop in South Africa in 2010, breaking the mast before sliding into the water with an ‘eerie …Read more

Cruising Life, Fears and Worries, Lessons Learned

Chance encounters between ships and whales - Part 1


Most sailors setting off on a passage dream of encountering wildlife at sea.

Yet ask blue water sailors about their biggest fears, and near the top of the list is likely to be ‘striking a whale’. It’s one of the events most likely to be catastrophic at sea. Today, we can usually avoid really bad weather, but can we avoid a sleeping whale at …Read more

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Why washing dishes in saltwater is WORTH IT


“What did we sign up for?!” I thought after our first day at anchor in the Sea of Cortez. We had spent the prior night and wee morning hours fighting through a 30 knot coromuel to get to the anchorage. Both us and the boat were covered with …Read more

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When green meets blue


From watching dolphins leaping at the bow, seeking companionship from a banking shearwater during lonely ocean watchers or flushing hundreds of tiny sparkling plankton down the loo(!), sailors are overwhelmingly in tune with the natural world.
Like our fellow amphibians, we have adapted to life on land and in the water, just with a few more contraptions to keep us afloat! …Read more

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Women cruisers organize seabird citizen science project

Diana Doyle

A year ago, I wrote about “Birding Aboard” for Women and Cruising’s series, Take Your Passion Cruising.
It turned out I was not alone in my passion for observing and enjoying birds while cruising.
Thanks to the phenomenal network of Women and Cruising, I connected to several other dedicated …Read more


Gardening for cruisers


I have always said the two things most cruising women agree they miss most are their children/grandchildren and their gardens.

I dealt with the gardening issue by bringing aboard window boxes and potted plants.

My outside garden, always changing

I put a layer of heavy pebbles in the bottom of the boxes, then put in potted plants in their …Read more

Take Your Passion Cruising

Diana Doyle enjoys “birding aboard” as she writes cruising guides


When my husband Mark and I started writing cruising guides,

we called them “enriched” guides because we wanted to include more than just the “mileposts and signposts” of transiting from one port to another.

When we cruised, we most enjoyed the learning experiences along the way. Although we were busy piloting, we were curious about the stories …Read more

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What to do with all that trash?

Burning trash can be a buggy affair.

Imagine this…You are one week out on a three week trip and you realize that funky odor is coming from your trash and there is no place to toss the bag and get it off the boat.

Okay, I might be a bit obsessive about my trash and I admit it, but I come by it …Read more

Cruisers give back, Take Your Passion Cruising

Lydia Fell falls in love with the wild horses of Abaco


If you’re not an animal lover, you may as well skip this particular log entry.  Just go ahead and exit the site, or move on to the next post, because what I’m about to talk about will only deeply affect those who have large hearts for God’s creatures.

Here’s a story for you

Back in …Read more