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Gardening for cruisers


I have always said the two things most cruising women agree they miss most are their children/grandchildren and their gardens.

I dealt with the gardening issue by bringing aboard window boxes and potted plants.

My outside garden, always changing

I put a layer of heavy pebbles in the bottom of the boxes, then put in potted plants in their …Read more

Take Your Passion Cruising

Elena makes beautiful jewelry from the bone and shell she finds on the beach


My name is Elena, I’m Italian and I’ve been living on my little 33 foot sailing ship (Mabel) with my companion for about 13 years full time. I know all the difficulties and the problems that are implied in this choice.

A few years ago I started using my skills not only for varnishing interiors and rebuilding cabinets but also to do something more …Read more

Take Your Passion Cruising

Take Your Passion Cruising: Birdwatching


“Watching and identifying birds and animals is a passion, especially with Yvonne. She has documented the names of over 2500 bird species and continues to be just as excited when she positively identifies one she has never seen as she was twenty years ago when we started a hobby that requires binoculars only. …Read more