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iPad on board


The iPad was one of he best purchases we made before leaving the US. We bought it at the last minute after realizing that buying new chart cards for our rather outdated chart-plotter could become quite expensive in the long run. The iPad 3/4G comes with an “assisted GPS” (the basic WiFi version does not have a GPS receiver) and while in the Apple store we talked to several of the geniuses about what exactly assisted GPS …Read more


A cruising bookworm loves her new Ebook reader


My world has changed!

After 9 years of cruising the Caribbean I am no longer pleading with visiting family and friends to forsake extra shoes, hats and toiletries so that they can pack and carry the most recent best sellers in their one precious piece of luggage now allowed by many …Read more


3 Tips for flying back and forth from the boat


I’ve just made the “shlep” again – I flew to the US for Christmas to visit family and just flew back to the boat in the Bahamas yesterday loaded down with boat parts. Over time, I’ve found three little things that help.

1. Luggage Scale

A simple luggage scale makes it easy to weigh each bag …Read more


Boat Maintenance Tip: Download User and Service Manuals


Like most cruisers I am superstitious: I figure if I have the all the Users, Service and Technical Manuals for the equipment aboard our boat, I probably won’t need to use them! The problem is that most equipment is shipped with bare-bones users manuals these days. However, these same companies often offer the same Users Manual PLUS Service, Technical and Troubleshooting Manuals in Adobe PDF format for FREE …Read more