Marcie (Nine of Cups) arrives in French Polynesia

We’d like to post news from Women and Cruising contributors, so here is our first which was sent by Marcie Lynn of s/v Nine of Cups:

"The passage from Chile to Iles Gambier, French Polynesia was, for the most part, pretty benign and without a doubt, the slowest passage in our sailing history. No wind or contrary winds and currents had us either dead in the water or heaving-to many times, but good spirits and perseverance prevailed. Warming up and shedding layers of clothing as we sailed north from the Roaring 40′s was wonderful. We stopped at Juan Fernandez Islands (Robinson Crusoe) for a week, revisited Easter Island for the third time for 11 days (still awesome) and then experienced a lifelong ambition to visit remote Pitcairn Island. What a thrill! Photos and stories are on our website: www.nineofcups.com. Looking forward now to time in Polynesia as we meet up with the Milk Run folks and head to New Zealand for the cyclone season.”


Just a bump on the horizon, but land ho! Pitcairn Island ahead … 1,455 nm and 16 days after leaving Easter Island.


Marcie and David in Chile in January – Kathy Parsons took this photo while visiting them.

Marcie’s website: http://nineofcups.com

Marcie’s contribution to the “Tell us about your Galley” article: www.womenandcruising.com/galley-marcie-lynn.htm

Marcie’s contribution to the “What I Like about Cruising” article: http://www.womenandcruising.com/about-cruising.htm#MarcieLynn

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