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First Cruise/First passage

First-timer account of offshore sailing


This article was first published on Sailing Phoenix, Marie Raney’s blog.

What’s it really like to go offshore?

A delight of dolphins!

I have been a sailor all my life, but only started cruising in 2001. I grew up racing in small open boats, windsurfing, and day sailing. Years later when my husband proposed …Read more

Cruising Life, STORIES, TIPS & IDEAS

A cruising wife’s A to Z - Part 2 (M to Z)


This is the second half of a 2-part article first published in the South African Sailing magazine of April and May 2014. You can read part 1 here.


I am never bored and always busy. Being able to multitask was for me a must and required good organisational skills.

I was sometimes …Read more

First Cruise/First passage, Sharing Our Stories

My first Atlantic crossing ... aboard Sea Dragon with a crew of 13 women


Photo: Cornell Sailing

How did a middle-aged cruising sailor, mother and psychologist, end up in the company of 13 incredible women who set sail aboard a Sea Dragon to cross an ocean? Not literally a Sea Dragon, but the Sea Dragon, a research sailing vessel operated by Pangaea Explorations. It …Read more

First Cruise/First passage, Lessons Learned

Tale of a gale: A novice sailor’s adventure


A couple of years ago when my husband gave me a copy of Beth Leonard’s book, “Following Seas”, with the caveat that I probably shouldn’t read the first chapter, I might have known that sailing would have some adventures in store. But our story started long before that; it really started 8 years ago on Long Island …Read more


Book Review - Cornell's Ocean Atlas: Pilot Charts for All Oceans of the World


It’s all too easy to follow the crowd on the well-worn rut around the world without doing your own diligent voyage planning and still expect to experience reasonable conditions doing so.

But the moment you think about bearing off left or right — treading the path less taken, as it were — when everyone else is going straight, having the knowledge to keep yourself in safe and comfortable sailing conditions becomes …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

A sea of meaning: How the sea changes me.


There’s no two ways about it: being out at sea changes me.

It’s hard to write about this without streaking off on a tangent of froth.

To an artist, the sea is a moody canvas of light, texture, color and motion to capture, but to a sailor, it’s more than that. The surface of the sea is …Read more

Lessons Learned, Sharing Our Stories

Lessons from an offshore voyage: How one woman’s life was changed by the sea

Heather Mann

“Do we remember how to do this?” I ponder in my offshore sailing journal.

“My mind creaks as I shift from boat maintenance to sailing. Having spent the hurricane season in Wisconsin with the boat tucked into a boatyard in Florida, Dave and I realize it has been five months since we’d hoisted sail on our …Read more

Events and Seminars

Beth A. Leonard’s 2009 Presentations

Good news! Beth Leonard – circumnavigator, author, and Women and Cruising contributor -  will be in the US this fall sharing her recent travels and cruising experience in a series of seminars. Here’s her schedule. – Kathy Parsons

September 25-27, 2009

Seven Seas Cruising Association Annapolis Gam Camp Letts, Edgewater, MD Read more


How Yvonne Chooses Where We Cruise

Gwen Hamlin devoted her April and May 2009 Admiral’s Angle columns to “How We Choose Where We Cruise”. Here the husband of one of the Admirals throws in his two cents:

“Let me tell you how Yvonne chooses how we cruise