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Sailing on, single handed


My husband and I sailed together for 24 years, half of which in the Mediterranean with our 37 year old 31ft Hallberg Rassy. Max was a retired sea captain and marine pilot so he was used to giving orders on board which I obeyed without question.

Sadly he died earlier this …Read more

Fears and Worries

All dressed up and too afraid to go: Rediscovering the courage to set out alone


As I prepare for a brief 4-day jaunt to Biscayne Bay with my ketch Annie Laurie, a trip I’ve been planning for weeks, I realize it’s been close to 3 years since I’ve taken the boat out sailing on my own. I’ve decided it’s high time to try again, to remind myself that …Read more

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On my own, but never alone


When I first decided to set out to the Bahamas aboard my 40-foot wooden Rosborough ketch, I didn’t really contemplate the possibility that I would be wholly unsuccessful at finding crew interested in a free tropical vacation. But, alas, people have lives and …Read more

How We Learn

Your disability is your opportunity

Teresa Carey

I spent last winter in Miami, Florida working and saving for my next big sail.

My goal was to sail to the Bahamas, spend some time exploring the sandy beaches and shallow banks, and then head north, offshore, bound for Martha’s Vineyard. I had summer plans for sailing on schooners in Maine and the Vineyard.

But having …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

Ginni MacRobert, mother of 6, sets off on her own for an 18-month circumnavigation.

Ginni MacRobert

Nothing can stop a woman from reading! Reading served to fuel my determination that one day I would go cruising.

My wish finally came in 2006 after finally having a little space between children’s final exams. Our six children are spread over a large range, and for many years we were constantly preparing one of them for high school graduation. The break came and this was my …Read more

How We Learn

Kim Hess moves aboard her first boat

kim hess

“Tonto he was smart, one day said Kemosabe, Kiss my ass I bought a boat, I’m going out to sea.” Lyle Lovett’s, If I had a Boat

I could not wait to make this the ring tone on my phone, and I did November 20, 2009 as the selling broker and I were bringing ‘my’ …Read more

How We Learn

Debbie Leisure: What I learned on my first solo trip to the Bahamas


In September of 2009, Debbie Leisure wrote here on the Women and Cruising Blog about how she learned to single-hand her boat after the death of her husband. At the end of the post Debbie said that she planned to sail to the Bahamas this winter. So we recently asked Debbie to update …Read more

How We Learn

Debbie Leisure learns to sail her boat single-handed.


I learned to sail with my husband.

We took lessons together, chartered boats together, bought our first boat together, and then our next boat—the one in which to go cruising.

I learned my “things” and he learned his. We tried to cross-train, and sometimes it worked.

It wasn’t until he died suddenly, a couple …Read more

How We Learn

A medical crisis leads Marti to buy a sailboat and learn to cruise


In the early 1990′s, I was a single, healthy and athletic woman, making a living in the health care industry. I had planned to retire when I hit 55, buy a cruising boat and sail away to somewhere for fun during the “golden years”.

My plans were changed when I got very ill with …Read more