World Cruising Destinations, Jimmy Cornell’s new book!



I just got my copy of Jimmy Cornell’s new World Cruising Destinations this last week – and I am in love with it!

I’ve carried Jimmy Cornell’s books aboard my boat ever since I bought my first copy of World Cruising Routes in the late ‘80s.

When I was finally lucky enough to have my boat and wonder “OK, now how do I get to these places?” World Cruising Routes had the answer for me, laying out all the major routes for any crossing I might want to make.

World Cruising Destinations is a great companion to World Cruising Routes.

What World Cruising Destinations does is give you the WHOLE world through a boater’s eye, and of course, not just any boater’s eye, but with Jimmy Cornell’s decades of experience. It covers every significant cruising destination around the world – 184 of them to be exact.

wcd-croatiaHere is some of the information included for each destination:

  • Country profile
  • Map
  • Climate
  • Formalities and Ports of Entry
  • Facilities (for repair, provisioning, etc)
  • Cruising guides
  • Charter areas and operators
  • Websites
  • Flag, time zones, buoyage, currency, electricity, communications codes, etc.
  • Plus, and best of all, an understanding of where and how you cruise that area.

But I guess one reason that I LOVE the book is that it’s beautiful, enticing even!

The photos are gorgeous, and the layout makes it fun to just pick up the book and read … about Croatia, Spain, Cuba, the Falklands, Antarctica – the places I’ve been, the places I would love to go to in my own boat, the places where I might like to charter, or take a friend up on an offer to visit.

With cruising guides, I’ve always had the attitude, “Okay, I’ve got the book, so I now I have to go there!”


World Cruising Destinations replaces Cornell’s 2001 World Cruising Handbook (which I also carried aboard).

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2 comments to World Cruising Destinations, Jimmy Cornell’s new book!

  • Virginia Johns

    How did you manage to get a copy of the Cornell Cruising Destinations book so early? I put in my order to amazon some time ago but they say it won’t be released/shipped until mid September. We are taking off on our dream circumnavigation this October so I’d love any hints on how to get my hands on this sooner.


  • Kathy Parsons

    Hi Virginia,
    I emailed you directly in response to your comment here, but I thought I would add a comment here too in case others are interested – I notice that World Cruising Destinations is now in stock and shipping!

    So, I hope you ahve your copy by now!

    Bon voyage,

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