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BOOKS, Cruising with Kids

Books to take your family cruising


There is no topic that we have covered as often and as thoroughly as going sailing with children aboard.

Why? The answer lies in the children that we have met living aboard boats with their families.

The cruising kids that we have known have been active and knowledgeable, curious about the sea, other people, and the great …Read more

First Cruise/First passage, Sharing Our Stories

My first Atlantic crossing ... aboard Sea Dragon with a crew of 13 women


Photo: Cornell Sailing

How did a middle-aged cruising sailor, mother and psychologist, end up in the company of 13 incredible women who set sail aboard a Sea Dragon to cross an ocean? Not literally a Sea Dragon, but the Sea Dragon, a research sailing vessel operated by Pangaea Explorations. It …Read more

Cruising Life

Sharing space


Crewing aboard LLYR, a 53-foot steel ketch

Imagine your house.  Now shrink it down to your living room and kitchen.  That’s the size of the boat my husband and I lived on for two months with seven people as we sailed across the largest ocean on the planet on Llyr, a 53-foot steel ketch.  Now take that space and shrink it down to …Read more

Cruising Life

Why washing dishes in saltwater is WORTH IT


“What did we sign up for?!” I thought after our first day at anchor in the Sea of Cortez. We had spent the prior night and wee morning hours fighting through a 30 knot coromuel to get to the anchorage. Both us and the boat were covered with …Read more


Book Review: Tightwads on the Loose, by Wendy Hinman


After finishing Wendy Hinman’s Tightwads on the Loose, I placed it on my bookshelf next to Jana Cawrse Esarey’s  The Motion of the Ocean and Torre DeRoche’s Swept: Love with a Chance of Drowning,  because, like those two books,  Tightwads on the Loose is a brightly-written sailing memoir by a young female cruiser from …Read more

Relationships & Roles Aboard

Balance of power ... afloat


Am I the only one who finds this cringe-worthy?
I don’t mean the t-shirts. I know absolutely nothing about the quality of the manufacturer whose website I found them on. Nor can I blame their product design; they’re simply reacting to the market and public perception.

What offends me to the bottom of my unabashedly feminist soul …Read more

Lessons Learned, Relationships & Roles Aboard

6 Mistakes men make in sharing their sailing passion (Lessons I learned the hard way)

Nick O'Kelly

On even the most perfect weekend afternoon, we see only a handful of empty slips; most boats jostle restlessly in place like drunken tombstones.

Smart, motivated, and capable people own these craft:  doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, teachers, engineers, etc.

They’ve sacrificed and saved and dedicated significant resources for years to buy, berth, and maintain their boats, yet …Read more

BOOKS, Relationships & Roles Aboard

Get Her On Board (Secrets to Sharing the Cruising Dream)

Get Her On Board, by Nick O'Kelly

Through a sequence of connections it would take a page to recount, I’ve come back in touch with a cruiser I first met in a group of West Coast sailors getting ready to leave for the South Pacific from Puerto Vallarta back in 2003.

A series of maintenance problems cropped up and kept Nick and his …Read more

Relationships & Roles Aboard

Shipboard democracy and chain of command

The Momo Crew, Bernie, Michelle, Lola, Jana-2

“Are we gonna make it?” (me)
— “Yeah, we’ll make it.” (him)
— “I don’t know…” (me)
— “We’ll make it; sheet in the main!” (him)

60 SECONDS …Read more

Events and Seminars

Meet Janna Cawrse Esarey at the 2010 Seattle Boat Show

Here’s a great opportunity to meet another Women and Cruising friend:

Janna Cawrse Esarey will be speaking at the 2010 Seattle Boat Show, January 29 – February 6, 2010, at Qwest Field.

Janna is the author of The Motion of the Ocean: 1 Small Boat, 2 Average Lovers, and a Woman’s Search for …Read more


How Yvonne Chooses Where We Cruise

Gwen Hamlin devoted her April and May 2009 Admiral’s Angle columns to “How We Choose Where We Cruise”. Here the husband of one of the Admirals throws in his two cents:

“Let me tell you how Yvonne chooses how we cruise