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Cruisers give back

Birding Aboard “SeaBC” has sailors reporting unusual birds


In the Women and Cruising blog series “Take Your Passion Cruising” I wrote about my passion: birds.

When you’re cruising, you’re immersed in nature, and many of us enjoy watching the birds while underway or at anchor. But as a boater you’re also in a unique position to contribute to citizen science simply …Read more

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Women cruisers organize seabird citizen science project

Diana Doyle

A year ago, I wrote about “Birding Aboard” for Women and Cruising’s series, Take Your Passion Cruising.
It turned out I was not alone in my passion for observing and enjoying birds while cruising.
Thanks to the phenomenal network of Women and Cruising, I connected to several other dedicated …Read more

Cruisers give back

Ruth says: To learn about a place, volunteer!


The protected Bahamian harbour we are in with its keyhole-type entrance is adjacent to a very friendly community.

Cruisers stop here in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera, for short or longer stays and it is a very nice mix of both residents and a few tourists. In other words this place welcomes tourists but does not exist …Read more

Cruisers give back

Aid to Haiti being delivered on volunteer sailboats

Donna Lange Haiti

Everyone has heard what has happened in Haiti, now a number of cruising sailors are organizing themselves into flotillas of private yachts to attempt to supplement aid being delivered by governments and NGO’s.

OceansWatch is helping to coordinate a fleet of sailing vessels to take food, medical aid, relief supplies and support to Haiti. …Read more

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Lydia Fell falls in love with the wild horses of Abaco


If you’re not an animal lover, you may as well skip this particular log entry.  Just go ahead and exit the site, or move on to the next post, because what I’m about to talk about will only deeply affect those who have large hearts for God’s creatures.

Here’s a story for you

Back in …Read more

Cruisers give back

Ellen Sanpere working with the St. Croix Hospice Regatta

ellen sanpere

Cruiser Ellen Sanpere has been a terrific champion of volunteering as you cruise. She started the “Volunteering” section on the Women and Cruising Resources page. She worked with Fundamigos in Venezuela for a number of seasons. Now that she is hanging around in the Virgin Islands, she has been giving …Read more