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Diving for Cruisers - Admirals' Angle Collection Updated

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We’ve just updated our collection of Gwen Hamlin’s Admirals’ Angle columns with the latest two being about cruisers’ relationship with the water that surrounds them.

As a veteran dive instructor, Gwen has good ideas about how to prep your boat and yourselves for safely adding scuba and snorkeling to your voyage, and the Admirals …Read more


An Admiral’s Reference Shelf


As you may know, Women and Cruising co-host Gwen Hamlin each month writes a column for Latitudes and Attitudes magazine called the Admiral’s Angle. Gwen has a group of “admirals” – women cruisers scattered around the globe who email their input to Gwen on each month’s topic. Gwen and her admirals have been doing this every month now for almost 4 years, and this month we are publishing Gwen’s 44th …Read more

BOOKS, Take Your Passion Cruising

Admirals Angle: Taking Passions Cruising


“A land lubber might be forgiven for thinking that when we commit to the cruising life our main and overriding passion is for sailing.

Very often this is true, of course, but we are not one-dimensional creatures. We all have other interests, other passions — some long-standing and others we’ve never had time for …Read more


Admiral’s Angle is on Women and Cruising!

Did you know that you can read all 36 (and counting!) columns of Admiral’s Angle on the Women and Cruising site?

Gwen Hamlin has been writing this column monthly for Latitudes and Attitudes magazine since September of 2006. Gwen has a group of women cruisers (Admirals) that …Read more


How Yvonne Chooses Where We Cruise

Gwen Hamlin devoted her April and May 2009 Admiral’s Angle columns to “How We Choose Where We Cruise”. Here the husband of one of the Admirals throws in his two cents:

“Let me tell you how Yvonne chooses how we cruise


How We Choose Where We Cruise, Part 2

You can now read the the current installment of my Admiral’s Angle column in Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine — How We Choose Where We Cruise, Part Two – in the online version of the May 2009 issue of Latitudes and Attitudes.

To read Part One of How We …Read more