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Sharing Our Stories

Our decision to leave


Hello ! My name is Valérie, I’m 55, and I sail with my husband François, 67, on our sailing yacht, Cybèle 17, an OVNI 445, in Scandinavian. We live year round on her, on water.

Many thanks to Women & Cruising for inviting me to contribute to your blog. I’m French and English is a second …Read more

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My first Atlantic crossing ... aboard Sea Dragon with a crew of 13 women


Photo: Cornell Sailing

How did a middle-aged cruising sailor, mother and psychologist, end up in the company of 13 incredible women who set sail aboard a Sea Dragon to cross an ocean? Not literally a Sea Dragon, but the Sea Dragon, a research sailing vessel operated by Pangaea Explorations. It …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

Merlin’s voyage: Living our dream for real!


One summer when I was a teenager, I read all Bernard Moitessier’s books, I continued with Joshua Soclum and Eric Tabarly’s adventures. Inevitably, I then started dreaming about ocean crossings, long passages and spending lots of time at sea.

However, I grew up more than 1000km away from the sea and I couldn’t consider myself a …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

Sailing on, single handed


My husband and I sailed together for 24 years, half of which in the Mediterranean with our 37 year old 31ft Hallberg Rassy. Max was a retired sea captain and marine pilot so he was used to giving orders on board which I obeyed without question.

Sadly he died earlier this …Read more

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'It Ain’t Over…' an outstanding story from the Caribbean Compass


I first read Ruth’s article about going overboard when it was first published in the Caribbean Compass back in 1999.

It was an amazing story and I wondered if I could possibly be as resourceful as Ruth if something like that happened to me. Before I went cruising, …Read more

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Committee boat


Before our role as committee boat for the Rolex Regatta, I had no idea what would be involved.

The concept, as I understood it, seemed simple enough: Clean up the boat then stay handy and out of the way at the same time.

The morning of the first day, a breeze blew through the salon and a …Read more

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2 Extreme: Step aboard a global abode


“The world was theirs” is Mattie McAlarney’s favorite headline written about her seven-and-a-half-year trip around the world with husband Henry. The couple wrapped up a 70-country cruise aboard their 39-foot Corbin Center Cockpit 2 Extreme in 2009.  “I wanted to be home for my 70th birthday,” Mattie tells me as I admire the aft-cabin …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

Cruising on Convergence : Building the boat


CONVERGENCE under sail in front of Moorea
(Photo taken by John Neal on MAHINA TIARI)

A boat is as personal as a love affair. The relationship with one’s boat is subtle, personal, addictive. Like any relationship though, a boat takes time to figure out and work to maintain. The right boat can bring forth deep passion, evoke …Read more

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On my own, but never alone


When I first decided to set out to the Bahamas aboard my 40-foot wooden Rosborough ketch, I didn’t really contemplate the possibility that I would be wholly unsuccessful at finding crew interested in a free tropical vacation. But, alas, people have lives and …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

A sea of meaning: How the sea changes me.


There’s no two ways about it: being out at sea changes me.

It’s hard to write about this without streaking off on a tangent of froth.

To an artist, the sea is a moody canvas of light, texture, color and motion to capture, but to a sailor, it’s more than that. The surface of the sea is …Read more

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Oh, no, not another hurricane!

S/V CARIBEE during hurricane Rene

Hurricane Irene – August 23, 2011 – 21:45 UTC – Photo Goes East

As readers prepare for hurricane Irene, we are re-printing a story that Pam Wall wrote about going through Hurricane Dennis in the Abacos.

In it she shares a list of things to have aboard to help you prepare as well as a …Read more

Lessons Learned, Sharing Our Stories

Lessons from an offshore voyage: How one woman’s life was changed by the sea

Heather Mann

“Do we remember how to do this?” I ponder in my offshore sailing journal.

“My mind creaks as I shift from boat maintenance to sailing. Having spent the hurricane season in Wisconsin with the boat tucked into a boatyard in Florida, Dave and I realize it has been five months since we’d hoisted sail on our …Read more