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Our decision to leave


Hello ! My name is Valérie, I’m 55, and I sail with my husband François, 67, on our sailing yacht, Cybèle 17, an OVNI 445, in Scandinavian. We live year round on her, on water.

Many thanks to Women & Cruising for inviting me to contribute to your blog. I’m French and English is a second …Read more


Struggling to get cruising? Make three lists!


Several summers ago, I went to visit my brother and his wife who were hard at work aboard their catamaran in Morehead City, North Carolina, trying to get the boat ready to begin their first cruising that fall.

Like most boats that were in the thick of projects, the boat was in disarray with lockers open …Read more

Cruising Life

Plan ahead to make lemonade from lemons


Anchored in your favorite anchorage watching the sun slide over the horizon, you are savoring the first night of that annual vacation cruise that you’ve been looking forward to for eleven months.

Suddenly you notice the _____________ (fill in the blank … refrigerator, watermaker, etc) isn’t working.   Aw crap. What do you do now?

Immediately head to …Read more

Lessons Learned

What I have learned: Choose your mistakes


Buying exactly enough provisions?

All cruisers are trying to find the sweet spot of “exactly enough” — exactly enough spares, exactly enough gear, exactly enough provisions, exactly enough planning — but we all know, even as we strive, that our careful attempts at finding “exactly enough” are made in changing conditions based on incomplete knowledge and …Read more

Lessons Learned

Tell us what you would do differently: Ruth Allen


We are still year round boaters and consider from time to time when we might head off again for a year or more of sailing. Currently work beckons and so we enjoy Witchcraft, sailing when we can in the Thousand Islands Region. It sure could be worse.

There is lots of good company here, …Read more

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Oh, no, not another hurricane!

S/V CARIBEE during hurricane Rene

Hurricane Irene – August 23, 2011 – 21:45 UTC – Photo Goes East

As readers prepare for hurricane Irene, we are re-printing a story that Pam Wall wrote about going through Hurricane Dennis in the Abacos.

In it she shares a list of things to have aboard to help you prepare as well as a …Read more

BOOKS, Fears and Worries

First-time voyagers — What did they worry about that never happened? (Part 2)


Lin Pardey interviews 11 cruising couples fresh from their first major crossing – and finds out what they worried about and what they learned. We have divided this article in 2 parts. Part 1 describes worries about bad weather and gear failures. Here, in part 2, Lin Pardey writes about other common worries as well as suggestions for those preparing to set …Read more