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Books to take your family cruising


There is no topic that we have covered as often and as thoroughly as going sailing with children aboard.

Why? The answer lies in the children that we have met living aboard boats with their families.

The cruising kids that we have known have been active and knowledgeable, curious about the sea, other people, and the great …Read more

Cruising with Kids

Girl Overboard


Author Ann Lee Miller shares an excerpt from her memoir, Boat Daze, due out in 2016 about growing up on a yawl.

Girl overboard! – Photo by Kristianne Koch

I stood on the bowsprit as we sailed Biscayne Bay.

The wind swept the swelter of the sun from my skin.

A bucket of Noon rain …Read more

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A cruising wife’s A to Z - Part 1 (A to L)


This is the first half of a 2-part article published in the South African Sailing magazine of April and May 2014.

I have been living on Merlin, our 44ft Dean Catamaran, for the last 5 years, 2 of them spent cruising across 2 oceans with 3 kids. I would like to share some …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

Merlin’s voyage: Living our dream for real!


One summer when I was a teenager, I read all Bernard Moitessier’s books, I continued with Joshua Soclum and Eric Tabarly’s adventures. Inevitably, I then started dreaming about ocean crossings, long passages and spending lots of time at sea.

However, I grew up more than 1000km away from the sea and I couldn’t consider myself a …Read more

Cruising with Kids

Pint-sized Maritime Explorers


Author Ann Lee Miller shares an excerpt from her memoir, Boat Days, due out in 2015 about growing up on a yawl.

 Photo by Kristianne Koch

If chores built character, I’d be a twelve-year-old Mother Theresa. Today, on a perfect summer morning, I stood in Annie Lee’s porthole-less gloom washing last night’s marinara from …Read more

Cruising with Kids

Family health in the Pacific: The kind of story you want to hear


In light of recent press coverage on the rescue of the Kaufmann family in the Pacific, I’d like to offer a very different (if less spectacular) story as a …Read more

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Cruising families rally in support of sailing with children and of the 'Rebel Heart' family


“Let the naysayers know that there is no greater gift you can give your children than the beauty of the world.” Cruising Mom, Cidnie Carroll

The Kaufman family aboard SV Rebel Heart was rescued at sea this week when their youngest child became sick during passage from Mexico to the Pacific. This news has spawned …Read more

Cruising with Kids

Video: Kids speak their own minds about cruising


During our stay in Tauranga, New Zealand, the kids from two boats (Namani and Alouette) really hit it off. One activity they particularly enjoyed was learning to program computer graphics using a program called KTurtle.

Seeing their enthusiasm for this, we parents agreed to assign the kids a group project as part of their …Read more

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Confessions of a Bad Boat Wife



A year ago, I went to a girl’s night out with some women at a local marina. Over dinner and a glass of wine, one of the gals confessed, “I really wanted to be a good boat wife this summer when I wasn’t in school. You know, like pack his lunch and make him coffee. …Read more

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Webinar: A Family Sails Around the World, by Pam Wall - Dec 9, 2010


Pam Wall, one of Women and Cruising‘s founders,  is presenting another webinar for Seven Seas University on Thursday, December 9 at 8PM Eastern Time.

Pam says: “These popular webinar presentations by Seven Seas Cruising Association are terrific because you can watch them from the comfort of your home or main saloon! All you …Read more

Cruising with Kids, TIPS & IDEAS

6 Tips for Home-schooling Sailors


Taking your children’s education to sea is not always simple, but neither is it a deeply complicated mystery.

Once you capture a child’s interest,
learning can be inspiring and fun.

With careful decision-making and sensible preparations – just what you need for going cruising in general – you can let your children profit from an incredible learning opportunity.

Just …Read more

Cruising with Kids, Sharing Our Stories

Advice: If you want to see your children and grandchildren a lot, just go cruising!


What if you are “empty nesters” over the age of 50, and want to go sailing off into retirement with your spouse. Are you afraid you will seldom see your children? Will you miss spoiling the grandchildren and watching them advance through the stages of childhood?
MY ADVICE: If you want to see your children and grand-children A LOT, just go …Read more