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Lessons Learned

What we learned from our first cruising boat


This article was also published in 48° North (July 2015) – a great, free sailing magazine for the Pacific Northwest, and on Pacific Sailors, Verena Kellner’s blog.

It’s been nearly a year since we sold Camille and we’re starting to think about our next boat. We’ve had a nice break but …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

Cruising on Convergence : Building the boat


CONVERGENCE under sail in front of Moorea
(Photo taken by John Neal on MAHINA TIARI)

A boat is as personal as a love affair. The relationship with one’s boat is subtle, personal, addictive. Like any relationship though, a boat takes time to figure out and work to maintain. The right boat can bring forth deep passion, evoke …Read more


Any recommendations on outfitting a boat for scuba diving?

QA Air Aboard

Mizzy asks

I need your advice about outfitting to scuba dive. We plan to dive a lot. Neither of us does a lot of deep dives. I do have a collection of tanks.

What to do? Like all of the outfitting choices we have to make this one will require evaluation of the options.

If you could point …Read more

Events and Seminars, Women and Cruising Seminar

Join the 'Women and Cruising' team at Strictly Sail Pacific - Oakland - April 14-17, 2011

Enough of this internet! Let’s meet in person and talk at the Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show in Oakland, California April 14 through 17. Pam Wall, Gwen Hamlin and I will be presenting 2 Women and Cruising seminars plus a slew of other talks (details below). The Women and Cruising seminars are super for asking your questions …Read more


Handholds, handholds, handholds


There is no such thing as too many handholds, especially as you or some of your special friends and relatives get older.

Following are some illustrations of ours.

1. My “Granny Rail”

The single most important addition is what I call my Granny Rail, a simple stainless steel tube bent to mount into two stanchion bases, which gives …Read more

How We Learn

Debbie Leisure: What I learned on my first solo trip to the Bahamas


In September of 2009, Debbie Leisure wrote here on the Women and Cruising Blog about how she learned to single-hand her boat after the death of her husband. At the end of the post Debbie said that she planned to sail to the Bahamas this winter. So we recently asked Debbie to update …Read more

Events and Seminars

Come to Pam Wall’s seminars at the Chicago Strictly Sail Boat Show

Pam Wall will once again be a presenter at the Sail America Strictly Sail Boat Show at Navy Pier in Chicago.  The Boat Show dates are January 28 through January 31.  Pam will be speaking on her Family Sailing Around the World, Cruising the Bahamas, Outfitting for Blue Water Cruising.  This …Read more


Read Pam Wall’s advice on Outfitting Your Boat for Cruising in Cruising Compass/Blue Water Sailing

Throughout the month of November both Blue Water Sailing Magazine and The Cruising Compass is focusing on Fitting Out For World Cruising.

The Cruising Compass interviewed Pam Wall, Outfitting Manager for West Marine. Pam is an accomplished sailor who has sailed around the world with her husband, Andy of Andrew Wall …Read more


Bev Feiges makes her case for an electric galley aboard

Bev Feiges wrote the following for us after reading Galley Advice from 18 Cruising Women on the Women and Cruising website. In that article, we asked 18 cruising women to describe their galley for us, and tell us what they considered essential aboard. Although several of the 18 women participating in our article …Read more