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Slow Cooking (with a Solar Oven) on a Slow Boat


Heather McCarthy has been sailing with her husband, Dan, and their three daughters, the “McMermaids” since 2011. They are currently cruising the Florida Keys, Dry Tortugas, and the Bahamas onboard s/v Jullanar.

Here, Heather answers a few questions about how solar cooking has opened up a whole new suite of cruising food options for …Read more

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Cruiser Anne Patterson makes solar ovens ... And shares a recipe


Anne Patterson and her solar oven, in her ‘other galley’ (the SEA LADY foredeck)

Three years ago on the Women and Cruising blog, Anne Patterson of sv Sea Lady wrote about cooking aboard with a solar oven.

Her experience with the solar oven was so favorable, that when the company producing her …Read more

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A cruising wife’s A to Z - Part 1 (A to L)


This is the first half of a 2-part article published in the South African Sailing magazine of April and May 2014.

I have been living on Merlin, our 44ft Dean Catamaran, for the last 5 years, 2 of them spent cruising across 2 oceans with 3 kids. I would like to share some …Read more

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Why washing dishes in saltwater is WORTH IT


“What did we sign up for?!” I thought after our first day at anchor in the Sea of Cortez. We had spent the prior night and wee morning hours fighting through a 30 knot coromuel to get to the anchorage. Both us and the boat were covered with …Read more


Book Review: The Boat Galley Cookbook, by Shearlock and Irons


Although it is a hefty paperback, The Boat Galley Cookbook by cruisers Carolyn Shearlock and Jan Irons is likely to help raise your waterline, because it consolidates in one volume many culinary resources cruising chefs have previously felt obliged to carry.

Indeed, no  cruising cookbook I have ever seen has so deliberately set out to …Read more

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Good Cookin’: Why I Love My Solar Oven


“You baked that?  On your boat??  In a solar oven???”

Whenever I present a double-layer homemade carrot cake like this one I’m sure to be met with incredulous guests. Most cruisers do little baking anyway, so I had them on “from scratch”. Trusting their culinary fortunes to the sun is a real stretch – no …Read more


Try a FREE Sample of The Boat Galley Cookbook

The Boat Galley Cookbook

Looking for some new recipes that you can actually make in your boat’s galley? Good food, but not gourmet? Ingredients you can actually find and store on your boat? Recipes that don’t require a bunch of electric appliances?

The Boat Galley Cookbook, due out in October, promises all that plus information on food storage, substitutions, …Read more

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Is it worth it to get a pressure cooker?


Gwen Hamlin, Beth Leonard, Kathy Parsons and Lisa Schofield answer this question:
I don’t have a pressure cooker and have never used one. Do you think it’s worth it to get one?

We will be sailing in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. I love to cook but currently cook most things at home and then freeze them for longer vacations or bring them to the boat for the weekend. We tend to eat on the boat primarily. I am a bit concerned about having the oven running all of the time to cook in the heat of the Caribbean. Just curious about what you think are the biggest advantages to having …Read more


5 Simple, little galley refit ideas


We have a new feature article on Women and Cruising. It arose out of a question we received from Cruising World: Have any of your contributors been involved in a galley refit project? So we asked 12 of our contributors and they responded with a gold mine of practical advice and experience. Following are …Read more

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What should I cook on our BVI sailing charter?


Gwen Hamlin answers this question:

We are planning an 8 day catamaran trip to the BVI’s. This is a first sailing trip for my boyfriend and I, and my sis and her hubby. My boyfriend and I love to cook, grill, prepare, etc. My sister and her husband prefer not to bother. So here is my question, do you have some recipes that you could share that are fun and easy to prepare,Read more

Take Your Passion Cruising

Food is Ann Vanderhoof’s route into Caribbean life


When my husband Steve and I first talked about going cruising, one of the strong appeals for me of traveling on a boat was that I would have my kitchen with me wherever we went.

I love to cook, to try new recipes and experiment, and Steve is a willing guinea pig. And we both love to eat. The name we chose for our sailboat is a dead giveaway: Receta is …Read more


Bev Feiges makes her case for an electric galley aboard

Bev Feiges wrote the following for us after reading Galley Advice from 18 Cruising Women on the Women and Cruising website. In that article, we asked 18 cruising women to describe their galley for us, and tell us what they considered essential aboard. Although several of the 18 women participating in our article …Read more