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Struggling to get cruising? Make three lists!


Several summers ago, I went to visit my brother and his wife who were hard at work aboard their catamaran in Morehead City, North Carolina, trying to get the boat ready to begin their first cruising that fall.

Like most boats that were in the thick of projects, the boat was in disarray with lockers open …Read more

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On my own, but never alone


When I first decided to set out to the Bahamas aboard my 40-foot wooden Rosborough ketch, I didn’t really contemplate the possibility that I would be wholly unsuccessful at finding crew interested in a free tropical vacation. But, alas, people have lives and …Read more

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Elli shares her thanks and logbook from her family's year of cruising (Part 2)


Elli wrote us to say thanks for all the support and inspiration she has received from Women and Cruising, and from our 12 Sailing Families.

Back after a year’s cruise, her log book entries vividly bring back the reality of cruising.  Part 1 of this 2-part post was published on Oct …Read more

Cruising Life, Cruising with Kids

Elli shares her thanks and logbook from her family's year of cruising (Part1)


My name is Elli Straus. My husband and I pulled our two daughters out of school three years ago this October and sailed for the better part of a year on our 42ft. Beneteau, Wind of Peace. Our adventure began …Read more

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Oh, no, not another hurricane!

S/V CARIBEE during hurricane Rene

Hurricane Irene – August 23, 2011 – 21:45 UTC – Photo Goes East

As readers prepare for hurricane Irene, we are re-printing a story that Pam Wall wrote about going through Hurricane Dennis in the Abacos.

In it she shares a list of things to have aboard to help you prepare as well as a …Read more

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Traveler vs. Tourist

Travelers vs Tourists

As Brittany and Scott, newlyweds, head down island to the Caribbean on their Hallberg-Rassy 35, Brittany reflects on ways that  cruising takes her out of tourist mode. Thanks, Brittany for sharing this post from your blog! Keep us updated!

One of the greatest gift of cruising to a place via sailboat is the fact that you …Read more

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Join the 'Women and Cruising' team at Strictly Sail Pacific - Oakland - April 14-17, 2011

Enough of this internet! Let’s meet in person and talk at the Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show in Oakland, California April 14 through 17. Pam Wall, Gwen Hamlin and I will be presenting 2 Women and Cruising seminars plus a slew of other talks (details below). The Women and Cruising seminars are super for asking your questions …Read more

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Ruth says: To learn about a place, volunteer!


The protected Bahamian harbour we are in with its keyhole-type entrance is adjacent to a very friendly community.

Cruisers stop here in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera, for short or longer stays and it is a very nice mix of both residents and a few tourists. In other words this place welcomes tourists but does not exist …Read more

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Debbie Leisure: What I learned on my first solo trip to the Bahamas


In September of 2009, Debbie Leisure wrote here on the Women and Cruising Blog about how she learned to single-hand her boat after the death of her husband. At the end of the post Debbie said that she planned to sail to the Bahamas this winter. So we recently asked Debbie to update …Read more


Shampoo and soap for bathing in salt water? More tips


Dierdre Wogaman and other women answer this question:

I am new to the cruising lifestyle and would appreciate your advice. I will be going to the Bahamas with my boyfriend soon and we plan to shower in saltwater in the cockpit then rinse in fresh water. What soap works best for body washing in salt water? What shampoo do you recommend for color treated blondeRead more

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Come to Pam Wall’s seminars at the Chicago Strictly Sail Boat Show

Pam Wall will once again be a presenter at the Sail America Strictly Sail Boat Show at Navy Pier in Chicago.  The Boat Show dates are January 28 through January 31.  Pam will be speaking on her Family Sailing Around the World, Cruising the Bahamas, Outfitting for Blue Water Cruising.  This …Read more


Women and Cruising branch offices – wherever we cruise!

In case you have been wondering, Women and Cruising has no corporate office. Our webmaster Sylvie works on the website and blog from her boat in the Caribbean.

Our contributors usually send in their posts and articles from their boats, using wifi, a satellite phone, or a local internet cafe.

I correspond with our contributors …Read more