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Hands on and personal – Cruising Women 2-day program in Annapolis, April 23-24

Tying knots – Photo: Barbara Dahn

We are now only one month away from the 2 day Cruising Women program that we will be giving in Annapolis, Maryland on April 23-24, 2015. The program last year was AMAZING! We had so much fun. Please come join us! Here are the details.

Pam Wall, Beth Leonard and Kathy Parsons team up to offer an in-depth two-day program just for women –  to introduce women to, and prepare them for cruising.

This program is directed to women:

  1. who are introduced to the dream of cruising by a husband, or boyfriend or partner, and want to know “What is cruising like? — Do I want to do it?
  2. who like the idea of cruising with their partner or even alone, but don’t know if they are skilled enough, smart enough, young enough, rich enough, or  brave enough to pull it off….
  3. who know they want to go cruising, and now want to acquire the skills and knowledge to get out there and make it safe and fun.

For all these women, we have organized a unique program to answer your questions and give you the skills and knowledge you will need:

  • First of all, we introduce you to cruising, help you learn what it is like, in all its variations – aboard sailboat and powerboat, cruising close to home, or to the Caribbean, or around the world –  sailing with your partner, or family, or by yourself.
  • We cover the skills that you need to acquire and help you figure out what you know already and what you still need. We assist you in putting together your personal plan to go cruising.
  • We spend time aboard several different boats, in small groups, learning the jargon, the equipment that we live with, discussing daily routines and safety, what works and what doesn’t.
    We spend time aboard several different boats
    Photo: Barbara Dahn
  • And most importantly, you will have LOTS of time to ask your questions and to raise your concerns about cruising.
  • This is a very personal, and fun course. We will talk, laugh, tie knots, heave lines, poke around with equipment, discuss ALL your questions and practical issues. You will come out of this weekend with an understanding of the cruising life and ready to make your dream come true.
    Having fun – Photo: Barbara Dahn

We hope you can join us – the Cruising Women 2-day program will take place, during the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, April 23, 24 in Annapolis, Maryland, as part of the 4-day Cruisers University.

For more information, contact Cruisers University:, or Nancy Grisham at 410-263-7802. We look forward to a fun and rewarding and empowering weekend with you!

Comments from women attending the 2013 Cruising Women seminar:

Cruising Women 2013 Photo: Barbara Dahn

Cruising Women 2013 – Photo: Barbara Dahn

  • There is no way to express my gratitude for how gracious you all are! You truly made me feel like there is no stupid question.  Your range of experiences and expertise was amazing and very much a blessing!
  • It takes the fear factor out of cruising.
  • It reassured me that I am not foolish or crazy for pursuing this dream, this lifestyle. It also helped me believe that I can learn the skills needed to do this, even be good at it!
  • Thanks so much for all the sharing, information, humor, and encouragement. And so non-intimidating! It was great! We appreciate all of you. Terrific job!
  • This seminar assured me even more that this is what I want to do and took some of my fears and worries away.
  • The dynamic of the three instructions was phenomenal!
  • Even though cruising seems scary sometimes, you have all made it seem very possible!! Thank you so much!
  • The wide range of topics covered answered many questions I didn’t know I had.
  • I found that other women have the same fears and concerns that I had.
  • Hearing the instructors’ first hand experiences was invaluable.
  • Great, enthusiastic instructors who clearly love cruising.
  • Totally enjoyed it!
Cruising Women 2013 – Photo: Barbara Dahn
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