Read the new Admiral’s Angle: My Bookshelf, A Mental Voyage

tackless ii bookshelf If you are following my Admiral’s Angle columns here on Women and Cruising and if you love books, you will want to catch #42 – My Bookshelf, A Mental Voyage.

This is Part One of three-part series on books aboard.  Part Two will be about Cruising Sagas recommended by the Admirals, and Part Three will include our recommendations for your Reference Shelf.

What’s really great about the way these columns are/will be posted on Women and Cruising is that all the titles are linked directly to Amazon!  Wow, I wish it had been that easy to find these books in the first place!

The Admirals, of course, recommended more books than I could fit into the three columns, so we will add those, too.  If you have some titles you’d like to recommend, send them to us and we’ll add them to the list!

You can email your favorite books to or leave a comment below.

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