Admiral’s Angle is on Women and Cruising!

Gwen HamlinDid you know that you can read all 36 (and counting!) columns of Admiral’s Angle on the Women and Cruising site?

Gwen Hamlin has been writing this column monthly for Latitudes and Attitudes magazine since September of 2006. Gwen has a group of women cruisers (Admirals) that she draws upon to discuss all sorts of topics that interest women cruisers. All past columns of Admiral’s Angle are now here on the Women and Cruising website, and they are searchable.

By the way, the Admiral’s Angle column had its start in our Women and Cruising seminars that we offer at boat shows. Gwen first joined Pam Wall and me for a Women and Cruising seminar at the Miami Boat Show in 2006. We always leave these seminars JAZZED, and in that post-seminar high, Gwen ran into Bob Bitchin, founder of Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine.

Gwen said “Gee, Bob, you should have a column in Lats and Atts about women and cruising issues.”

“Great”, Bob answered, “So write it.”

And that was how Admiral’s Angle got started 3 years ago.

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