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Back to land: Choking on the anchor


When all your adult life you have dreamed of and planned for a life aboard and cruising, it is a disorientating stumble to face a turn-around back to land.

It is even more distressing to find that it is not an easy adjustment. For many reasons cruisers find themselves landlocked, whether by choice, or by …Read more

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A cruising wife’s A to Z - Part 2 (M to Z)


This is the second half of a 2-part article first published in the South African Sailing magazine of April and May 2014. You can read part 1 here.


I am never bored and always busy. Being able to multitask was for me a must and required good organisational skills.

I was sometimes …Read more

Cruising Life, STORIES, TIPS & IDEAS

A cruising wife’s A to Z - Part 1 (A to L)


This is the first half of a 2-part article published in the South African Sailing magazine of April and May 2014.

I have been living on Merlin, our 44ft Dean Catamaran, for the last 5 years, 2 of them spent cruising across 2 oceans with 3 kids. I would like to share some …Read more

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My first Atlantic crossing ... aboard Sea Dragon with a crew of 13 women


Photo: Cornell Sailing

How did a middle-aged cruising sailor, mother and psychologist, end up in the company of 13 incredible women who set sail aboard a Sea Dragon to cross an ocean? Not literally a Sea Dragon, but the Sea Dragon, a research sailing vessel operated by Pangaea Explorations. It …Read more

Fears and Worries

Conquering a fear of heights: Going up the mast


This article was first published on Jody’s website: Where the coconuts grow.

Peter has been up the mast many times. He has changed out bulbs, serviced our wind generator and retrieved runaway halyards. He is also a big strong guy.

Knowing it’s difficult for me to even raise our 12′ dinghy up onto the bow …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

Merlin’s voyage: Living our dream for real!


One summer when I was a teenager, I read all Bernard Moitessier’s books, I continued with Joshua Soclum and Eric Tabarly’s adventures. Inevitably, I then started dreaming about ocean crossings, long passages and spending lots of time at sea.

However, I grew up more than 1000km away from the sea and I couldn’t consider myself a …Read more

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Sailing into the Eighties


Germaine Beiser on ARDENT SPIRIT leaving Venice.

If this title conjures up visions of fighting off cold and polar bears in Svalbard, or the Northwest Passage with Jimmy Cornell or rounding Cape Horn you will be disappointed (although we have sailed around Cape Horn). The eighties in this article are years of age.

Arthur Beiser

My …Read more

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Pint-sized Maritime Explorers


Author Ann Lee Miller shares an excerpt from her memoir, Boat Days, due out in 2015 about growing up on a yawl.

 Photo by Kristianne Koch

If chores built character, I’d be a twelve-year-old Mother Theresa. Today, on a perfect summer morning, I stood in Annie Lee’s porthole-less gloom washing last night’s marinara from …Read more

First Cruise/First passage, Lessons Learned

Tale of a gale: A novice sailor’s adventure


A couple of years ago when my husband gave me a copy of Beth Leonard’s book, “Following Seas”, with the caveat that I probably shouldn’t read the first chapter, I might have known that sailing would have some adventures in store. But our story started long before that; it really started 8 years ago on Long Island …Read more

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Family health in the Pacific: The kind of story you want to hear


In light of recent press coverage on the rescue of the Kaufmann family in the Pacific, I’d like to offer a very different (if less spectacular) story as a …Read more

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Cruising families rally in support of sailing with children and of the 'Rebel Heart' family


“Let the naysayers know that there is no greater gift you can give your children than the beauty of the world.” Cruising Mom, Cidnie Carroll

The Kaufman family aboard SV Rebel Heart was rescued at sea this week when their youngest child became sick during passage from Mexico to the Pacific. This news has spawned …Read more

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The drier side of Bonaire


Sharing lunch with the whiptail lizards

Noted for its world-class diving sites, the “drier” side of Bonaire is many times forgotten. The salt mountains of the south, the largest pink flamingo sanctuary in the Caribbean and the wild and barren Washington Slagbaai Park in the North all contribute to a side of Bonaire that some mistakenly …Read more