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Pam Wall’s Seminars at Strictly Sail Pacific

My favorite in-the-water boat show is coming up soon.  April 15 through April 19 is the Strictly Sail Boat Show in Oakland’s Jack London Square.  It is a lovely outdoor boat show that also features many really interesting and informative seminars.

I will be giving a seminar a day!  These seminars are about our family sailing around the world on our 39 foot sloop, of the delight of cruising in the Bahamas, what I think is appropriate for outfitting a blue water cruising boat, and last but not least, how we survived several hurricanes while in the Bahamas.

Come and visit with me at the show, and see me in the seminar rooms!  I always love to meet new women, and it is such fun to see  friends I have met around the world while cruising.

I hope you all can attend and not only enjoy the show itself, but take advantage of all the really good seminars that will be presented all during the show.

Here’s the link to the Strictly Sail Pacific website:

See you there!

Pam Wall

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