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First Cruise/First passage

My first sailing experience


“No problem! It’s cool!”

My naive enthusiasm and cluelessness must have been painfully obvious to my boyfriend Ken (now my husband – so you know this story has a happy ending)… He had been on the water his whole life: surfing, boating, sailing, diving, even his day job involves him being on a boat most of the …Read more

How We Learn

Why it’s better for women to take the helm - Part 2


One woman’s cruising…and learning…experience

This is the second half of a 2-part article by Daria Blackwell.
You can read part 1 here.

Daria not crabby at all sailing along on Long Island Sound.

Ratcheting up the confidence level

Fast forward to another time and life with Alex, my husband, friend and trusted partner in everything worthwhile.

Fast forward, …Read more

How We Learn

Why it’s better for women to take the helm - Part 1


One woman’s cruising…and learning…experience

This is the first half of a 2-part article by Daria Blackwell.

The author at the helm of EXPRESSO, a 41 foot German Frers-designed sloop.

There is no doubt that many women have been reluctant to take the helm. But based on personal observation, times are changing. I’ve been seeing more women …Read more

First Cruise/First passage, Relationships & Roles Aboard

My first time on a sailing boat - or why women don’t want to go sailing with their husbands


When I was told that I could easily wear my brand new Jimmy Choo stilettos on a sailing holiday, I agreed to go

“You poor thing!”, an American girl said to me, when I told her about the conditions under which I lived on my boyfriend’s 30 foot sailing boat. And I was close to agree …Read more

Cruising Life, TIPS & IDEAS

Cruising is not camping


My husband was pretty sure I was serious about selling up and going cruising when I returned the gold watch he had given me for our anniversary (“She’s even too crazy to be a cruiser,” I hear you gasp). However, what really convinced him was when I parted with my (shamefully vast) collection of “Cottage Living” and “Victoria” …Read more

Fears and Worries, First Cruise/First passage

Adventures of a once reluctant sailor


Ready to go

In 2007, my husband Wayne and I traveled from Bayfield, Wisconsin, on Lake Superior to Punta Gorda, Florida, on our Island Packet 445 sailboat. We chose the long route, which took us through the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Canadian Maritime provinces, a trip of about five thousand miles.

I had absolutely no intention …Read more

Lessons Learned

Just a little heart attack


Here is a fabulously funny video by the Go Red for Women campaign about heart attacks in women. It’s not about cruising but it can help save some …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

Sailing on, single handed


My husband and I sailed together for 24 years, half of which in the Mediterranean with our 37 year old 31ft Hallberg Rassy. Max was a retired sea captain and marine pilot so he was used to giving orders on board which I obeyed without question.

Sadly he died earlier this …Read more

Cruising Life

Sharing space


Crewing aboard LLYR, a 53-foot steel ketch

Imagine your house.  Now shrink it down to your living room and kitchen.  That’s the size of the boat my husband and I lived on for two months with seven people as we sailed across the largest ocean on the planet on Llyr, a 53-foot steel ketch.  Now take that space and shrink it down to …Read more

Cruising Life, Sharing Our Stories

'It Ain’t Over…' an outstanding story from the Caribbean Compass


I first read Ruth’s article about going overboard when it was first published in the Caribbean Compass back in 1999.

It was an amazing story and I wondered if I could possibly be as resourceful as Ruth if something like that happened to me. Before I went cruising, …Read more

Fears and Worries

All dressed up and too afraid to go: Rediscovering the courage to set out alone


As I prepare for a brief 4-day jaunt to Biscayne Bay with my ketch Annie Laurie, a trip I’ve been planning for weeks, I realize it’s been close to 3 years since I’ve taken the boat out sailing on my own. I’ve decided it’s high time to try again, to remind myself that …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

Committee boat


Before our role as committee boat for the Rolex Regatta, I had no idea what would be involved.

The concept, as I understood it, seemed simple enough: Clean up the boat then stay handy and out of the way at the same time.

The morning of the first day, a breeze blew through the salon and a …Read more