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Hands on and personal – Cruising Women 2-day program in Annapolis, April 23-24


We are now only one month away from the 2 day Cruising Women program that we will be giving in Annapolis, Maryland on April 24-25, 2014. The program last year was AMAZING! We had so much fun. Please come join us! Here are the …Read more

Cruising with Kids, W&C NEWS

Cruising families rally in support of sailing with children and of the 'Rebel Heart' family


“Let the naysayers know that there is no greater gift you can give your children than the beauty of the world.” Cruising Mom, Cidnie Carroll

The Kaufman family aboard SV Rebel Heart was rescued at sea this week when their youngest child became sick during passage from Mexico to the Pacific. This news has spawned …Read more

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Your 5 favorite blog posts of 2013


Here are the 5 most popular Women and Cruising blog posts of 2013.
(published between Dec 15, 2012 and December 15, 2013.).
Have a …Read more

Events and Seminars

Two amazing days with 11 cruising experts - October 13-14, 2013


There is a fantastic two-day seminar on long distance cruising that is coming up in three weeks and Women and Cruising is a part of it. The seminar has a number of unique aspects.

The first is the incredible line-up of speakers. You will have a chance to learn from

Jimmy Cornell (World Cruising Routes, et al),
Lee Chesneau (meteorologist),
Beth …Read more

Events and Seminars

Improve your skills with 4 long-distance sailing women - Marblehead, MA - Saturday, June 1


The Women’s Sailing Conference, held each June in Marblehead, is great fun. I’ve been involved one way or another many times. It amazes me how many women come back year after year. It also astounds me how quickly and enthusiastically women learn from each other.

This year the conference is about women extending their range. That …Read more

Women and Cruising Seminar

Two day hands-on program on Cruising just for Women – Annapolis, MD - April 25-26, 2013


I’d like to let you know about the Cruising Women program that Pam Wall, Beth Leonard and I will be giving at Cruisers University on April 25-26 in Annapolis, Maryland.

Last April, as Pam Wall and I finished our second year as faculty at Cruisers University, (a fun weekend in Annapolis of in-depth courses …Read more

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Women & Cruising most popular articles in 2012

We have just tallied through the contributions we posted on Women and Cruising in 2012. Looking back on these 12 articles, I enjoy seeing this community of women continue to grow. Women and Cruising is not a planned top-down website. Instead it grows through the 100 plus women who contribute to it. …Who write something …Read more

Events and Seminars

Cruisers University – April 26 - 29, 2012

Join Pam Wall and me for an amazing weekend in Annapolis April 26-29!

Cruisers University will be held in conjunction with the new Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show and will offer 4 days of seminars to prepare you for cruising.

Pam and I are part of an impressive line-up of instructors, including Nigel Calder, …Read more

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2011's most popular posts on the Women & Cruising blog

Happy  New Year everyone.

It’s the time of year when many magazines compile their top ten lists. So we decided to make our own list. What  conclusion can we draw from 2011’s list of most popular posts on the Women and Cruising Blog? Perhaps  only that we women cruisers are a diverse group  – as concerned about …Read more

Events and Seminars

Learn 'Spanish for Cruisers' the easy way: Online with author Kathy Parsons, Sept 26-Oct 17

spanish for cruisers eclass


I will be offering a SPANISH FOR CRUISERS webinar through Seven Seas U September 26 – October 17  (6 online evening classes on Mondays and Thursdays)!

If you are cruising to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba,  or Spain this season, this course will give you an excellent jump start on  Spanish.

You will …Read more

Events and Seminars

Daria Blackwell invites you to the next Happy Hooking event, June 7.

Happy Hooking

Our next Seven Seas U Happy Hooking webinar is scheduled for June 7. We’ve had great response from previous attendees. It’s based on our book, “Happy Hooking. The Art of Anchoring.” We cover the newest anchors and how they rate against the old standbys as well as the newest techniques that help you …Read more

Events and Seminars, Women and Cruising Seminar

Join the 'Women and Cruising' team at Strictly Sail Pacific - Oakland - April 14-17, 2011

Enough of this internet! Let’s meet in person and talk at the Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show in Oakland, California April 14 through 17. Pam Wall, Gwen Hamlin and I will be presenting 2 Women and Cruising seminars plus a slew of other talks (details below). The Women and Cruising seminars are super for asking your questions …Read more