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Women cruisers discuss the various ways that their hobbies and passions enrich their cruising.

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Marine Conservation is my passion


Marine Conservation is my passion and I have worked on ocean issues for decades learning a great deal along the way.

Sally-Christine Rodgers with husband Randy Repass & their son, Kent-Harris.

The oceans are in crisis and we who love them need to step up and be vocal in support of sustainable seafood, reducing Co2 emissions, …Read more

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Diana Doyle enjoys “birding aboard” as she writes cruising guides


When my husband Mark and I started writing cruising guides,

we called them “enriched” guides because we wanted to include more than just the “mileposts and signposts” of transiting from one port to another.

When we cruised, we most enjoyed the learning experiences along the way. Although we were busy piloting, we were curious about the stories …Read more

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Food is Ann Vanderhoof’s route into Caribbean life


When my husband Steve and I first talked about going cruising, one of the strong appeals for me of traveling on a boat was that I would have my kitchen with me wherever we went.

I love to cook, to try new recipes and experiment, and Steve is a willing guinea pig. And we both love to eat. The name we chose for our sailboat is a dead giveaway: Receta is …Read more

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Gwen took her SCUBA passion cruising


Actually, it was the other way around: It was my passion that took me cruising.

I became an avid scuba diver while living in New York City. I know it sounds odd, but not only is there some excellent (and very historical) diving in the New York metro area, but the city probably has the world’s best access OUT by air to great diving …Read more

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Kathy Parsons’ mission: learn the language (and teach it to cruisers)


My big passion as I have cruised has been exploring language and culture. I have always loved getting to know other cultures: it is what drew me to the Peace Corps in the 1970s and part of what drew me to cruising almost 15 years later.

Cruising provides a perfect pace for getting to know …Read more

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Admirals Angle: Taking Passions Cruising


“A land lubber might be forgiven for thinking that when we commit to the cruising life our main and overriding passion is for sailing.

Very often this is true, of course, but we are not one-dimensional creatures. We all have other interests, other passions — some long-standing and others we’ve never had time for …Read more

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Lydia Fell falls in love with the wild horses of Abaco


If you’re not an animal lover, you may as well skip this particular log entry.  Just go ahead and exit the site, or move on to the next post, because what I’m about to talk about will only deeply affect those who have large hearts for God’s creatures.

Here’s a story for you

Back in …Read more

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An addiction: The fascinating beauty of seashells


Unfortunately, I can’t hide that I have a Seashell Problem.

Friends get worried when they see me walking the beach. Why keeping the eyes on the ground instead of contemplating waves and horizon as is the custom? “Have you lost something?”

Fishermen watch too. They wonder what …Read more

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Katharine Lowrie sets sail to protect wildlife


I’m not sure that my experience of cruising is altogether normal… I dumped my maiden name, Land and its beguiling earthly forms, abandoned my job surveying wildlife and plunged into an alien world of motion and water.

David and I bowled off from the shores of Devon, England, in our ancient sailing boat who, in her heyday, had been much …Read more

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Beth Leonard becomes a writer at sea


When my husband, Evans Starzinger, suggested sailing around the world, I had almost no sailing experience and reacted much the same way I would have if he had suggested flying a rocket to the moon.

It took him two years to convince me to sail away with him, and he never would have done …Read more

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Ellen Sanpere races her home, combining cruising and racing


It only took about 40 years and two failed marriages for me to discover my passion is sailing. The question, “Would you like to go sailing?” was not one I could ever answer in the negative. My calendar revolves around regattas and racing schedules to this day.

As a young adult, I raced every …Read more

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Heather brings her meditation practice aboard


Boating life progresses at a slower pace than life on land, making a sailboat a perfect place to nurture spiritual practice. In my case, my Christian faith is complemented and enhanced by ancient Zen Buddhist teachings and the practice of meditation.

As humans, our minds jump from topic to topic even when our bodies slow …Read more