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People Who've Inspired Us

Sparrow on the horizon


It’s OFFICIAL! Transfer of ownership of SPARROW, a classic Marshall 22′ catboat for picnic charters on the Swansboro waterfront 2013.

In 1997, 15 years ago I began a journey with a vessel along the Carolina coast with my two children. We intended to give other sailing kids a sense of their seafaring heritage. That journey …Read more

How We Learn, People Who've Inspired Us

Everything I needed to know to go cruising ...


Everything I Needed to Know to Go Cruising …
… I learned from my mom.
No, she wasn’t a cruiser, a sailor, a diesel mechanic or an electrician. Those skills would have been helpful, but not as helpful as what she did teach …Read more

How We Learn, People Who've Inspired Us

The Captain’s Father


I have learned from many sailors over the years, but none so much as the years I spent in the cockpit of my father’s ‘old classic woodies’ on the Great Lakes.

Being the youngest of 5 and having lost my mother to her nursing career, I tagged along behind the Captain (my father) and learned by …Read more

People Who've Inspired Us

International Women’s Day then and now: Women Rocking the World in Their Own Way


This week I’m thinking of all the women in my life, because March 8 was, after all, International Women’s Day and this is, by extension, International Women’s Month.

The idea itself dates back to 1910. Its historical roots lay in the socialist movement of the late 19th century, and the international celebration of women was first …Read more