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Advice: If you want to see your children and grandchildren a lot, just go cruising!


What if you are “empty nesters” over the age of 50, and want to go sailing off into retirement with your spouse. Are you afraid you will seldom see your children? Will you miss spoiling the grandchildren and watching them advance through the stages of childhood?
MY ADVICE: If you want to see your children and grand-children A LOT, just go …Read more

Cruising with Kids

Sailing Families – Halfway Through!


Recently, a big hubbub was made in the national news about a family of five – the Craftons – who completed a circumnavigation aboard their sailboat!

To landlubbers who are unaware of the global cruising community, the Crafton family’s circumnavigation seemed so audacious a thing to attempt, that it must be singular, so unfamiliar, it must …Read more

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Sailing Families – Women and Cruising’s newest project!


We are so excited!  A project in the making for almost a year is finally coming together!

We call it 12 Questions to 12 Sailing Families, and the first contribution – the story of sv New Life and the Echenard Family of three  from Switzerland — is already in place.

Rich with …Read more

Cruising with Kids

What does it cost to cruise as a family? One family's first-year expenses


When our family of 4 began our exciting transition to the cruising life aboard our 35′ Cal Cruising Windfall in November 2008, we had everything planned out.

We would explore Mexico by skimming lightly off our savings if we needed to, but the monthly interest that we received off our conservative investments would be the …Read more

Cruising with Kids

A mom looks back on the decision to go cruising as a family


It’s been over a year and a half since we pulled out of our home port of Bainbridge Island, Washington, and headed south.

Going cruising as a family, instead of waiting for our children to leave the nest, is one of the best choices my husband and I have ever made.

Sure, we have some challenges that …Read more