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Cruising with Kids

What does it cost to cruise as a family? One family's first-year expenses


When our family of 4 began our exciting transition to the cruising life aboard our 35′ Cal Cruising Windfall in November 2008, we had everything planned out.

We would explore Mexico by skimming lightly off our savings if we needed to, but the monthly interest that we received off our conservative investments would be the …Read more

Relationships & Roles Aboard

Boat jobs: Pink or Blue? ...Violet, Meri says

Violet jobs

In April, Betsy Morris wrote about the division of boat jobs aboard Salsa (Boat jobs: Pink or Blue? Betsy Morris’ Confession). She wondered how other cruising couples divided up the jobs and whether they were happy with the result. Marcie Lynn commented here. Following is Meri Faulkner’s response.

I have …Read more