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Your 5 favorite blog posts of 2013

Here are the 5 most popular Women and Cruising blog posts of 2013.
(published between December 15, 2012 and December 15, 2013.).
Have a look!

1. Sailing on, single handed

Elizabeth Tyler lost her husband this year after 24 years of sailing together. Among the many decisions she faced at this difficult time was “Shall I keep the boat?”.
Read the post.

2. Good Cookin’: Why I Love My Solar Oven

Wow, we had no idea that solar ovens were so versatile – Ann Patterson tells us all about using a solar oven aboard.
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3. ‘It Ain’t Over…’ an outstanding story from the Caribbean Compass

Ruth Chesman falls overboard between Dominica and Martinique and watches as her husband sails away. An amazing story — one of a collection of compelling stories in the Caribbean Compass’s new book of the best articles.
Read on to learn what Ruth did next….

4. Why washing dishes in saltwater is WORTH IT

Lanea Riley talks about dishwashing in salt water, too much wind, relationships and wildlife – while sailing the Sea of Cortez.
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5. Dancing in the Harbour

Daria Blackwell shares her tips for HAPPY HOOKING (…. anchoring…)! Very good, useful tips! So who is on the helm on your boat when you anchor?
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