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Lessons Learned

Tell us what you would do differently: Ruth Allen


We are still year round boaters and consider from time to time when we might head off again for a year or more of sailing. Currently work beckons and so we enjoy Witchcraft, sailing when we can in the Thousand Islands Region. It sure could be worse.

There is lots of good company here, …Read more

Cruisers give back

Ruth says: To learn about a place, volunteer!


The protected Bahamian harbour we are in with its keyhole-type entrance is adjacent to a very friendly community.

Cruisers stop here in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera, for short or longer stays and it is a very nice mix of both residents and a few tourists. In other words this place welcomes tourists but does not exist …Read more

Fears and Worries, How We Learn

Ruth Allen's secret weapon against fear: the theme song from Gilligan's Island


My first sail was on May 24th 1999, I was 41 years old.

My husband had sailed from the time he was a young boy, starting off in dinghies. We had purchased Thetis, a Halcyon 23, restored her and were now ready to sail.

There was one small problem: her engine was …Read more