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Bev Feiges: The best about living aboard Cloverleaf


Bev Feiges, aboard Cloverleaf, a 61-foot custom Krogen motoryacht, shares a list of some things she wouldn’t want to live without, and some pictures of great things about living aboard.

Lets start with the great things about living aboard.
Mostly it’s about the people you meet.

Everyone will tell you that.

Evening dinner in the cockpit. Mixed …Read more


Gardening for cruisers


I have always said the two things most cruising women agree they miss most are their children/grandchildren and their gardens.

I dealt with the gardening issue by bringing aboard window boxes and potted plants.

My outside garden, always changing

I put a layer of heavy pebbles in the bottom of the boxes, then put in potted plants in their …Read more


Handholds, handholds, handholds


There is no such thing as too many handholds, especially as you or some of your special friends and relatives get older.

Following are some illustrations of ours.

1. My “Granny Rail”

The single most important addition is what I call my Granny Rail, a simple stainless steel tube bent to mount into two stanchion bases, which gives …Read more


Bev Feiges makes her case for an electric galley aboard

Bev Feiges wrote the following for us after reading Galley Advice from 18 Cruising Women on the Women and Cruising website. In that article, we asked 18 cruising women to describe their galley for us, and tell us what they considered essential aboard. Although several of the 18 women participating in our article …Read more