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Two amazing days with 11 cruising experts - October 13-14, 2013

There is a fantastic two-day seminar on long distance cruising that is coming up in three weeks and Women and Cruising is a part of it. The seminar has a number of unique aspects.

The first is the incredible line-up of speakers. You will have a chance to learn from

  • Jimmy Cornell (World Cruising Routes, et al),
  • Lee Chesneau (meteorologist),
  • Beth Leonard and Evans Starzinger (World Voyaging Handbook and two-time  circumnavigators),
  • Pam Wall (circumnavigator, expert on outfitting, and  who we all love…),
  • Laura Sudarski (medical expert),
  • Richard Hudson (high latitude sailor),
  • Steve Bowden (communications specialist),
  • and Doina Cornell (who sailed as a child, and later ran the popular website  Noonsite).

There will be classroom time plus a poolside liferaft demonstration and a view from the bridge simulation.

The seminar will be held at the Maritime Institute Conference Center in Linthicum, Maryland – so you can attend both the seminar and the Annapolis Sailboat Show during the same weekend.

Here is what Women and Cruising’s Pam Wall had to say about her part in the program:

Ladies, world cruising Ladies!

The Blue Planet Odyssey and the Atlantic Odyssey are having a fantastic two day event at this year’s Annapolis Boat Show October 13 and 14th.  I am so excited about this opportunity to have Jimmy Cornell and his daughter, Doina, putting together an incredible amount of information for offshore cruising couples.

I am honored to be on the Long Distance Cruising for Women Panel at 1730 on Sunday, October 13 at the famous and very interesting Maritime Institute Conference Center in Linthicum, Maryland, not far from the Annapolis Boat Show site!

I will be with Doina Cornell, Beth Leonard, and Dr. Laura Sudarski.  All of us have had vast offshore cruising experience and want to answer any questions you ladies might have regarding, provisioning, responsibility, children aboard, medical questions, heavy weather sailing situations, you name it, we will help you!!  Come with your questions and let the panel advise you on so many things that will make you feel more empowered as you do your offshore cruising.

We hope we can give you the encouragement to feel really empowered, excited, and knowledgeable about any offshore cruising you will be doing.  It is truly life on a higher plane!  I am not strong, I am not tall, I am getting a bit long in the tooth, but I will never stop loving my time at sea, my landfalls, my exploring new places, all from the comfort of my own little boat!  It is a life we should all cherish and appreciate through confidence and joy in what we are doing!

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