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Learn 'Spanish for Cruisers' the easy way: Online with author Kathy Parsons, Sept 26-Oct 17


SPANISH FOR CRUISERS e-classI will be offering a SPANISH FOR CRUISERS webinar through Seven Seas U September 26 – October 17  (6 online evening classes on Mondays and Thursdays)!

If you are cruising to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba,  or Spain this season, this course will give you an excellent jump start on  Spanish.

You will arrive in country knowing the most important words and  phrases for the sorts of things we cruisers do – clear in and out, fix the  boat, shop the markets, travel inland, chat up the locals. Plus you will have  learned the building blocks that allow you to build your own sentences to meet  your needs.

At the market (Photo: Ellen Sanpere) With the authorities At the machine shop (Photo: Marcie Lynn)
Get what you want at the market Talk with the authorities Get boat parts fixed
(Photo: Marcie Lynn)

Travel inland Make friends (Photo: Ellen Sanpere) Get what you want at the hardware shop (Photo: Marcie Lynn)
Travel inland Make friends
(Photo: Ellen Sanpere)
Get what you want at the hardware shop
(Photo: Marcie Lynn)

This webinar is an ideal format for us cruisers who are  spread all over the globe. All you need is Internet to attend.

  • We will meet online for 6 evening classes (1.5 hours per class).
  • If you can’t make every class, you can log on later and listen to the recording and then  meet me on Skype office hours to practice or ask questions.
  •  Plus you will have  access to all audio files, handouts, flash cards and class recordings long  after the webinar is over so you can keep practicing and learning.

We offered this webinar for the first time in June-July and had students from the Canary Islands to Vancouver. It was a big success with total  beginners as well as cruisers who already knew some Spanish.

You can read  feedback from the first group of students on Seven Seas U. But this response  from one student will give you a feel:

“Thank you so  much for the wonderful classes. You’ve given us such a great start on learning  Spanish and we are determined to continue working with all the super helpful  materials you’ve provided.  

That last class was amazing – it’s like a  light bulb came on when you showed us how to put the verbs together with the  mini-conjugations we had already learned and open up a whole world of being  able to communicate in sentence form!”

Duration: 6 – 1.5 hour sessions
Date: Mon.-Sept. 26, Thurs-Sept. 29, Monday-Oct. 3, Mon.-Oct 10, Thurs.-Oct. 13, Mon.-Oct. 17 at 20:00 Eastern or 17:00 Pacific (GMT 00:00)
Instructor: Kathy Parsons
Course Fee: $90 – SSCA Members or with discount code Parsons15 (Regular price $105)

Want to learn more or sign up? Here is the link to the  course description and registration at Seven Seas U: Spanish for Cruisers: Language Skills for Boaters

Have  questions? Email me at!

Buen viento y buena mar, (Fair winds and seas)

Kathy Parsons
Author, Spanish for Cruisers and French for Cruisers
La profesora

11 good reasons to learn Spanish:

What is she singing about?
What is this flamenco singer singing about?
Answer: That she can’t get a baby sitter!
  1. So you can find  the parts you need and fix your boat.
  2. To make friends with local people.
  3. So you aren’t relegated to the “local cruiser handlers”  who drive cruisers around in taxis, but can be a free-range cruiser and feel comfortable exploring on your own.
  4. So you can eat and drink really well.
  5. So you can travel inland on your own.
  6. So you have enough Spanish to be courteous to people and don’t come across as abrupt or rude.
  7. Because another language gives you another life:
    “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” ‒Frank Smith
  8. So you can solve mysteries:
    ‒”What are these people doing in a glass house in the middle of this esplanade of Santo Domingo?
    They are filming a reality show for Spain.”
  9. To get what you want.
  10. To get help if you need it or to be able to help others.
  11. Because you can!
    Becoming fluent isn’t easy, but learning enough to communicate and have fun is DOABLE with the right approach!

About Kathy Parsons

Kathy ParsonsKathy Parsons is author of the books Spanish for Cruisers and French for Cruisers – language guides used by thousands of boaters around the world to help them communicate as they sail in foreign countries.

Cruising experts including Jimmy Cornell, Beth Leonard and Bernadette and Douglas Bernon have called the books indispensable for world cruising.

A popular speaker and teacher, Kathy has given Spanish for Cruisers classes to boaters in ports from the United States to Venezuela. She developed a French for Cruisers class in conjunction with Alliance Française in Grenada. In 20+ years of live-aboard cruising, she has sailed the US, Bahamas, Caribbean, Central and South America aboard four cruising boats ranging from 30 to 42 feet, currently aboard the cutter Hale Kai.

Kathy is also founder of the Women and Cruising website and seminars.

Kathy loves to teach: She has organized adult literacy classes in Nicaragua, taught English to Nicaraguan high school students, and computers to businesses and government agencies including NASA. She has degrees from the Harvard Business School and the University of Texas, and served in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua.

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