Women and Cruising branch offices – wherever we cruise!

Water's Edge Internet Cafe, Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera In case you have been wondering, Women and Cruising has no corporate office. Our webmaster Sylvie works on the website and blog from her boat in the Caribbean.

Our contributors usually send in their posts and articles from their boats, using wifi, a satellite phone, or a local internet cafe.

I correspond with our contributors by email or Skype. Gwen and I often discuss and edit her Admiral’s Angle column while chatting via Skype.

The view is great from the Water's Edge Internet CafeHere is where I have been updating the Women and Cruising site this week: the Water’s Edge Internet Cafe in Alice Town, Eleuthera (Hatchet Bay).

There are plenty of diversions: cruisers and locals and semi-locals drop in to check the internet, eat a burger, drink a beer, or just chill out. Yesterday they were watching football.

Sunset, Hatchet Bay, EleutheraAnd after a long afternoon in the “office”, it’s back to the boat and a lovely sunset.

More info:

Become a Women and Cruising contributor: Email kathy@forcruisers.com

Sign up for Skype, to give you another way to keep in touch with your cruising friends, as well as friends and family back home.


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