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Caribbean Compass October 2009 I just got news today that you can now read the Caribbean Compass FREE online every month.

If you’ve cruised the Caribbean, you certainly know about the Caribbean Compass. It’s a free waterfront news magazine,  started by former cruiser Sally Erdle. Sally and her husband Tom circumnavigated from  1989-1994 aboard their Rhodes 41 sloop So Long. In 1995 they settled in Bequia and started the Caribbean Compass.

Throughout the Caribbean, cruisers eagerly await the latest issue. There’s usually something worth clipping for reference:

  • Caribbean Calendar of Events (holidays, regattas, festivals)
  • Shortwave Weather Schedule (which lists the times and frequencies of all the weather nets and broadcasts in the Caribbean)
  • Trip reports written by cruisers that are almost mini cruising guides
  • Reports of inland travel in the Caribbean, Central and South America
  • Surveys of prices in different harbors
  • Plus of course, news from each of the Caribbean countries

And now that you can read the the current issue online or download it as a PDF to read and store on your computer, you will be able to refer back to articles when you need them.

Almost everyone in the Caribbean who writes writes for the Compass. Chris Doyle, author of the series of cruising guides that we all use down-island, writes regularly for the Compass. Fatty Goodlander, who has a monthly column in Cruising World, and several books to his credit, got his start with the Caribbean Compass.

Ellen Sanpere, Mary Heckrotte, Gwen Cornfield, Eileen Quinn, Jody Lipkin and Marcie Lynn, all Women and Cruising contributors, have all written for the Compass.

I occasionally write for the Compass as well, just to earn an invitation to the Compass’ annual Writer’s Brunch.

BequiaEach year Sally invites all the Compass contributors to a brunch in Bequia during the annual Easter Regatta.

It’s a great time to be in Bequia – and an honor to attend the brunch.

If you’d like to read the Caribbean Compass, I suggest that you sail down to the Caribbean.

But now fortunately you can also read it online. Thanks, Sally!

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