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Cruising with Children

Sailing Families revisited (2015-16)

In 2010, we asked 12 families who were out cruising on sailboats to answer 12 questions about their experiences. In this new series a new group of sailing families answers these same 12 questions and the original families tell us what they are doing several years later.

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Cruising with Children

12 Questions to 12 Sailing Families (2010-11)

12 Questions to 12 Sailing Families  

Have you ever thought of SAILING away with your family, living together on a boat and making an adventure of your lives together?

Here are 12 families who did just that!

Cruising with ChildreN

Cruising Children Speak


Cruising children tell us about their experiences growing up aboard.

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Gwen Hamlin's Column

The Admirals' Angle

Gwen Hamlin and the "Admirals" weigh in on the issues that concern women cruisers.

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The Cruising Dinghy   Bedding   Single women sailing  

What we wear



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Emotions at sea

Fighting Fears


Experienced cruising women expose common fears that have nagged them and share ways they’ve found to keep fears from getting in their way.

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Galley and Cooking aboard

Galley Advice from 18 Cruising Women


18 cruising women offer tips and advice for setting up your galley and cooking aboard, discuss the gear that they couldn't live without, and invite you into their galleys.

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Refitting the Galley: 12 Experiences

My new galley! (Photo by Carolyn O'Brien, S/V Windborne III)


Are we stuck with built-in galleys the way they are? When something does not work or does nor please, cruising women can make changes.

Here's how 12 of our contributors customized their galleys...

The Kitchen-Sink Galley Checklist


Searching for your cruising boat and wondering what features you want in the galley?

This checklist details ALL the issues...

Try 18 Great Recipes that Work Well on the Boat


Try 18 tried-and-true recipes that work well on a boat, submitted by Women and Cruising contributors.

Read the recipes online or download them in PDF format...

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About Cruising

What I Like most about Cruising... 15 Women Speak

Ellen Sanpere

WHY do we go cruising? We asked some of our friends to share what they most like about sailing off into the sunset.

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