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"Women and Cruising"Seminars & Webinars


Seminar/Webinar Description

How do you navigate through the thousands of questions you face as you prepare to go cruising?

Gwen Hamlin, Pam Wall & Kathy Parsons

The hosts of the seminar:
Gwen Hamlin, Pam Wall, Kathy Parsons

By talking to experienced cruising women who have “been there” and are eager to share what has worked for them – on boats from small to large, simple to complex, with varied outfitting and equipment, and diverse cruising areas.

Whether you are in the early stages and wondering if and how you want to cruise, or actively preparing and trying to decide what skills, gear and arrangements you need  for sailing, communications, finances or health care, this seminar is designed to answer YOUR questions!

Each webinar is adapted to the women attending. We discuss the questions YOU ask.

Anything goes: from cruising skills to yelling partners, provisioning to piracy, seasickness to hygiene, fear to watermakers.

Attendees receive Women and Cruising's Resource Handout to help you make the most of the information covered. Men are of course welcome to attend but the perspective always is making cruising work for women.

And we have FUN!

Hosts for this seminar are the founders of the Women and Cruising website, who each have over 20 years of cruising experience: Kathy Parsons (a Caribbean/Bahamas cruiser and author of the books Spanish and French for Cruisers ), Pam Wall (who circumnavigated with her husband and children and who now helps cruisers with outfitting at West Marine) and Gwen Hamlin (a former charter captain and divemaster who cruised from the Caribbean to the Pacific and who writes the Admirals Angle column for Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine ).

After the webinar, you can email each of us with additional questions. Plus, we will offer this webinar periodically so that each time we can cover a new set of questions and guide you through your preparations!

Come and ask your questions: we want to help you confidently make cruising your own!

Here are some of the questions that women have asked about during the seminar:

  • seasickness
  • carrying health insurance and getting medical care in other countries
  • what I need to know to cruise and the best ways to learn
  • fears about night passages, bad weather, and pirates
  • the best ages to take my kids cruising
  • handling finances and mail
  • getting along aboard and dealing with conflict in small spaces, yelling
  • problems women singlehanders might have
  • provisioning
  • do we need a watermaker-refrigeration-washing machine-generator, single sideband radio
  • ... and many more topics.

Past Women and Cruising Seminars

  • Seven Seas U (online webinars)
  • US Sailboat Show / Cruising World Seminars (Annapolis, MD)
  • Strictly Sail Shows (Miami, Chicago, St Petersburg, FL and Oakland, CA)
  • Seven Seas Cruising Association Gatherings (Melbourne, FL)



What some recent attendees are saying:

"Totally real, totally honest and practical. Also totally encouraging. "

"Very practical answers to women's sailing concerns. Fantastic!"

"Best seminar I attended! ."

"Love this course. Very informative."

"Great confidence building. Real life situations with practical solutions."

On www.examiner.com:

Women and Cruising seminar with Pam Wall and Kathy Parsons
by Terry Boram

"The best thing about the seminars is how unique they become because of the diversity of the women attending. I look forward to taking many more in the future."

" I really enjoyed hearing your perspective and thoughts on being a woman cruiser.

It was awesome to hear as I am planning on cast off the dock lines (metaphorically speaking) next year and head south to give sailing/cruising a try for real! 

Thank you so much for sharing your perspectives with me/us and offering someone in a landlocked state, without much sailing experience, hope that living this dream is possible! !"

"[The webinar] was perfect! Very relaxed and free flowing. GREAT work ladies"

"Very good, you all have wonderful and complementary personalities. Love the variety of experiences and would definitively attend another webinar."

"Thanks, enjoyed hearing from women for a change."

"Thank you both soooo much for allll the info you shared w/ us ladies (& a few men) this past wkend!!!
After this past wkend & especially after your class, I have fewer reservations!!!"

"I was in your women's forum at the Miami Boat Show on Sunday and, as usual, really enjoyed your presentation.

You have such a relaxed and engaging style - a fab combination!"

"I loved the class because as I listened instead of asking questions I heard for the first time what the women were thinking. Sometimes we don't often tell our mates our real fears."

"I attended your seminar last year at the Annapolis Boat Show and absolutely loved it.  I plan on attending again this year.”