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About WomenAndCruising.com

When we first contemplated cruising years ago, we were filled with doubts and questions: everything from Can I do it? to How do I do it? to Do I even want to do it? WomenAndCruising.com is dedicated to helping women answer these questions for themselves. We do this by sharing our experiences and inviting other women cruisers to share theirs as well.

The website is a totally volunteer effort by website coordinator Kathy Parsons, webmaster Sylvie Branton, Gwen Hamlin, Pam Wall and all collaborators.

At the Helm

We - Kathy Parsons, Gwen Hamlin and Pam Wall - are women and cruisers and friends. We got together to hold Women and Cruising Seminars at boat shows and cruisers gatherings and share our experience and enthusiasm with other women. All 3 of us are experienced cruisers with many years and sea miles under our belts in many far-flung parts of the world.  Our backgrounds and opinions are sometimes different, but all 3 of us love answering questions and sharing our perspectives and adventures.

Sylvie Branton is the very important 4th member of the team. She is our talented web designer, who designs and maintains this website from her boat in the Caribbean.

Kathy Parsons

Kathy Parsons

E kathy@forcruisers.com W www.forcruisers.com

Kathy has lived aboard sailboats for 18 years and cruised the US, Bahamas, Central America, and Caribbean.

Her books Spanish for Cruisers and French for Cruisers, are more than popular language guides for boaters, they are part of Kathy's personal mission to support new cruisers in their experience of new lands and cultures. Carrying that mission further, Kathy founded womenandcruising.com and continues on a daily basis to steer the ship of self-exploration that this website for women sailors has become.

gwen hamlin



Gwen Hamlin - s/v Tackless II

E admiralsangle@yahoo.com W www.thetwocaptains.com

Gwen's 20+ years on the water have been divided between the professional worlds of teaching scuba diving and yacht charter and full-time cruising through the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and the Pacific.

Gwen writes the monthly Admiral's Angle Column for Latitudes and Attitudes magazine which grew directly out issues raised in Women and Cruising seminars with Kathy and Pam. In addition to contributing to this website, Gwen shares in editing, copywriting, and PR functions.

Pam Wall

Pam Wall - s/v Kandarik

E pam@pamwall.comW www.pamwall.com

Pam sailed around the world in a 7-year adventure with her husband and young children before finding her important niche as West Marine's Outfitting Manager.

In this role Pam has done much to support cruisers, both new and experienced, as she has through the many seminars she presents at boat shows across the country (including Women and Cruising seminars) and the sailing she teaches annually at Women on the Water Week in the British Virgin Islands.

sylvie branton



Sylvie Branton - M/v Albatros

E sylvie@forcruisers.com

Sylvie has been living on the sea since 1990 and has never been bored since.
She is "godmother" of Kathy's books Spanish for Cruisers and French for Cruisers, having contributed her insight into language, communication issues for boaters, and usability, and she continues her godmother role to womenandcruising.com as its webmaster, designer and contributor.


Women and Cruising Contributors

A growing number of women cruisers are contributing to the site. They are answering the questions we send out for our Women and Cruising articles. This site benefits immensely from the thoughtful, detailed responses (and cool photos) that these contributors have sent in. Many women too have sent us news, suggestions for additions to our resources list, and offers to contribute in future projects.


You too can contribute to Women and Cruising!
Email us (kathy@forcruisers.com) or add a comment to the Women and Cruising Blog.