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#57 – The Knack of Befriending Locals

Befriending locals: Yvonne of Australia 31 with a Cuban child

What’s behind the knack of forging successful bonds with local peoples in the places we [...]

#56 – Cruising Friendships, Part Two – Keeping Track!

Boat cards

Strategies and incentives for keeping connected with cruising friends when way [...]

#55 – Cruising Friendships, Part One

Cruising Friends

Cruising friendships grow quickly from the lifestyle’s many meeting [...]

#49 – Getting You on Board

Getting you on board

When I write my column, I usually think about readers who are already on board, if not the boat itself, then at least with the cruising dream.

But I know there are some of you out there who come to boat shows, enjoy Lats & Atts parties, and read the magazine while bobbing in the slip, [...]

#48 – Chain of Command


I’ve been thinking quite a lot about captains lately – what it means to be one, what it means to have one.

Traditional navies have formal command chains with authority and responsibility concentrated at the top while grunt labor supports from the bottom. But the relatively small crews aboard cruising boats make for a pretty short [...]

#24 – Admiral Abuse

It’s an  eye-catching title, isn’t it? Admiral Abuse. It conjures up images of apoplectic captains chasing their partners around the deck with a winch handle. Fortunately this is not what I mean. Unfortunately, what I mean is much more subtle. It has to do with making a woman feel trapped aboard, usually from an imbalance [...]

#5 – Joint Effort

Cruising chores are less a matter of divided responsibilities than they are a matter of joint [...]

#3 – Getting Started

Examples of how (and when) some experienced cruisers got started show you don’t have to be a life-long sailor to take off [...]

#2 – Home is Where the Boat Is

Wherein we establish our controlling definition of cruising: seeing the world from the comfort of a boat you feel is [...]