Tag: Health

#50 – Battling Bugs

Is the cruising lifestyle a buggy one? What are real bug concerns on board and what remedies and preventions can you prepare [...]

#30 – Taking Care of Ourselves

Concerns about health care preoccupy most cruisers preparing to go away from their home country the first time.  In the First World, we tend to associate the quality of health care with the quality of its infrastructure – nice offices, state of the art equipment, and big staffs.  We imagine we will not find [...]

#21 – Fitness

Keeping fit is not the automatic “gimme” from the cruising life that one might imagine. I know I was hopeful, that my plump bod, simply by moving aboard, would magically transform into one of long lean lines.

That magic did not happen. My reality and the reality of most of my Admirals is that we live [...]

#18 – Seasickness

The most asked-about issue of cruising! What are the realities and how you combat [...]

#17 – The Need to Know

Suddenly alone: A true story illustrating why women on boats need to have the skills and attitude to meet [...]