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Searching for a new way of life in the boating industry

Gwen Hamlin

Cruising Life

A cruising wife's
A to Z
- Part 2 (M to Z)

Emmanuelle Buecher-Hall


Cruising Life

A cruising wife's
A to Z
- Part 1 (A to L)

Emmanuelle Buecher-Hall

Feature Articles

The Admirals' Angle Column

Gwen Hamlin and the "Admirals" weigh in on the issues that concern women cruisers.

#73: Cruising in the Golden Years

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Cruising Children Speak

In this series, cruising children tell us about their experiences growing up aboard.

Latest story:


5. Sammy Around the World: How it all Began
Samantha Wall, from the vantage point of her 20's, reflects how her sailing childhood started, and the impact it has had on her life.

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Emotions at Sea

Fighting Fears

Experienced cruising women expose common fears that have nagged them and share ways they’ve found to keep fears from getting in their way.

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12 Questions to 12 Sailing Families

12 Questions to 12 Sailing Families  

Have you ever thought of SAILING away with your family, living together on a boat and making an adventure of your lives together?

Here are 12 families who did just that!


When we first contemplated cruising years ago, we were filled with doubts and questions: everything from Can I do it? to How do I do it? to Do I even want to do it?

This website is designed to help you answer these questions for yourself. We do this by sharing our experiences and inviting other women cruisers to share theirs as well.

It's about making friends, making cruising our own, and getting out on the water and enjoying our lives!

We welcome YOUR contributions to Women and Cruising. (Email: kathy@forcruisers.com)

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Women & Cruising seminars


Lots of links, and downloads on topics that interest women who contemplate going cruising, including
• communications • learning to sail • kids aboard • weather.

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