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BOOKS, Fears and Worries

First-time voyagers — What did they worry about that never happened? (Part 1)


In this chapter from “Capable Cruiser”, Lin Pardey asked 11 pairs of cruisers to share their thoughts on predeparture worries, the gear that worked, failures that occurred, and thoughts they wanted to share with those waiting to set sail. We are publishing this chapter in 2 parts. Part 2 will appear next …Read more

BOOKS, Events and Seminars

Join Lin and Larry Pardey at US West coast seminars as they introduce new book

For the first time in four years, the two voyagers who have been dubbed “The Enablers” will be returning to the United States this March to introduce Lin’s long-awaited book, Bull Canyon—A Boatbuilder, a Writer and Other Wildlife.

The Pardeys will be speaking at:

the Northwest Maritime Center Spring Symposium in Port Townsend, Washington;
Spaulding Wooden Boat …Read more

Take Your Passion Cruising

Diana Doyle enjoys “birding aboard” as she writes cruising guides


When my husband Mark and I started writing cruising guides,

we called them “enriched” guides because we wanted to include more than just the “mileposts and signposts” of transiting from one port to another.

When we cruised, we most enjoyed the learning experiences along the way. Although we were busy piloting, we were curious about the stories …Read more

Cruising Life

Caught like a fish – hook, line and sinker: Lisa reflects on 5 years cruising aboard a trawler

Lisa and Jim Favors

For the last five-plus years, I’ve been living almost exclusively on a boat.

My husband, Jim, and I sold our home and somewhat naively hit the water running. Not exactly sure what we were running from and most definitely in the dark about how this change would alter our life’s predetermined path.

We retired rather early from …Read more

Cruising with Kids, TIPS & IDEAS

6 Tips for Home-schooling Sailors


Taking your children’s education to sea is not always simple, but neither is it a deeply complicated mystery.

Once you capture a child’s interest,
learning can be inspiring and fun.

With careful decision-making and sensible preparations – just what you need for going cruising in general – you can let your children profit from an incredible learning opportunity.

Just …Read more

Cruising with Kids, Sharing Our Stories

Advice: If you want to see your children and grandchildren a lot, just go cruising!


What if you are “empty nesters” over the age of 50, and want to go sailing off into retirement with your spouse. Are you afraid you will seldom see your children? Will you miss spoiling the grandchildren and watching them advance through the stages of childhood?
MY ADVICE: If you want to see your children and grand-children A LOT, just go …Read more

Sharing Our Stories

Ginni MacRobert, mother of 6, sets off on her own for an 18-month circumnavigation.

Ginni MacRobert

Nothing can stop a woman from reading! Reading served to fuel my determination that one day I would go cruising.

My wish finally came in 2006 after finally having a little space between children’s final exams. Our six children are spread over a large range, and for many years we were constantly preparing one of them for high school graduation. The break came and this was my …Read more


World Cruising Destinations, Jimmy Cornell’s new book!



I just got my copy of Jimmy Cornell’s new World Cruising Destinations this last week – and I am in love with it!

I’ve carried Jimmy Cornell’s books aboard my boat ever since I bought my first copy of World Cruising Routes in the late ‘80s.

When I was finally lucky enough to have …Read more

BOOKS, Relationships & Roles Aboard

Get Her On Board (Secrets to Sharing the Cruising Dream)

Get Her On Board, by Nick O'Kelly

Through a sequence of connections it would take a page to recount, I’ve come back in touch with a cruiser I first met in a group of West Coast sailors getting ready to leave for the South Pacific from Puerto Vallarta back in 2003.

A series of maintenance problems cropped up and kept Nick and his …Read more


An Admiral’s Reference Shelf


As you may know, Women and Cruising co-host Gwen Hamlin each month writes a column for Latitudes and Attitudes magazine called the Admiral’s Angle. Gwen has a group of “admirals” – women cruisers scattered around the globe who email their input to Gwen on each month’s topic. Gwen and her admirals have been doing this every month now for almost 4 years, and this month we are publishing Gwen’s 44th …Read more

Take Your Passion Cruising

Food is Ann Vanderhoof’s route into Caribbean life


When my husband Steve and I first talked about going cruising, one of the strong appeals for me of traveling on a boat was that I would have my kitchen with me wherever we went.

I love to cook, to try new recipes and experiment, and Steve is a willing guinea pig. And we both love to eat. The name we chose for our sailboat is a dead giveaway: Receta is …Read more


Read the new Admiral’s Angle: My Bookshelf, A Mental Voyage

If you are following my Admiral’s Angle columns here on Women and Cruising and if you love books, you will want to catch #42 – My Bookshelf, A Mental Voyage.

This is Part One of three-part series on books aboard.  Part Two will be about Cruising Sagas recommended by the Admirals, and …Read more