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Cruising Life, What I Like About Cruising

Betsy Baillie: What do I most like about cruising


What do I most like about cruising, let me count the ways…

… being on watch for sunsets and sunrises, sailing under star laden, moonlit nights with a shooting star here or there, and seeing the Milky Way on clear dark nights.

Cruising Life, What I Like About Cruising

What do you love most about cruising? Barbara Theisen responds



Cruising gives me the opportunity to travel in a way that allows me to slowly savor a place.

I’m  not a tourist on a five day “try to see it all” trip.

Instead I have the opportunity to be immersed in the culture, meet the locals, enjoy the unique atmosphere of a cruising destination. I not only …Read more

Cruising Life

Caught like a fish – hook, line and sinker: Lisa reflects on 5 years cruising aboard a trawler

Lisa and Jim Favors

For the last five-plus years, I’ve been living almost exclusively on a boat.

My husband, Jim, and I sold our home and somewhat naively hit the water running. Not exactly sure what we were running from and most definitely in the dark about how this change would alter our life’s predetermined path.

We retired rather early from …Read more

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What to do with all that trash?

Burning trash can be a buggy affair.

Imagine this…You are one week out on a three week trip and you realize that funky odor is coming from your trash and there is no place to toss the bag and get it off the boat.

Okay, I might be a bit obsessive about my trash and I admit it, but I come by it …Read more

Cruising Life

Women’s Experience of Cruising – Research Findings


I always thought that my fellow female cruisers experience the cruising lifestyle in a sort of similar way.

That is, have similar expectations, apprehensions and passions.

That fears they experience, the interests and dreams pursued and the skills obtained, would be generally the same.

So, I asked some questions.

In fact, I asked all the lady cruisers I had …Read more