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Plan ahead to make lemonade from lemons


Anchored in your favorite anchorage watching the sun slide over the horizon, you are savoring the first night of that annual vacation cruise that you’ve been looking forward to for eleven months.

Suddenly you notice the _____________ (fill in the blank … refrigerator, watermaker, etc) isn’t working.   Aw crap. What do you do now?

Immediately head to …Read more

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On my own, but never alone


When I first decided to set out to the Bahamas aboard my 40-foot wooden Rosborough ketch, I didn’t really contemplate the possibility that I would be wholly unsuccessful at finding crew interested in a free tropical vacation. But, alas, people have lives and …Read more

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When green meets blue


From watching dolphins leaping at the bow, seeking companionship from a banking shearwater during lonely ocean watchers or flushing hundreds of tiny sparkling plankton down the loo(!), sailors are overwhelmingly in tune with the natural world.
Like our fellow amphibians, we have adapted to life on land and in the water, just with a few more contraptions to keep us afloat! …Read more

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Women cruisers organize seabird citizen science project

Diana Doyle

A year ago, I wrote about “Birding Aboard” for Women and Cruising’s series, Take Your Passion Cruising.
It turned out I was not alone in my passion for observing and enjoying birds while cruising.
Thanks to the phenomenal network of Women and Cruising, I connected to several other dedicated …Read more

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Lipstick Sailor


What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Well if everything nice means a fresh coat of makeup, painted nails, pretty hair, and a good pair of heels, then I am in trouble.

Being a lady at sea is a constant uphill battle.

Cruising Life

Staying pink in a blue world


Ann, on HanaCrew, made a sad observation as we sat on deck in the marina in La Cruz: “Cruising seems to make men more manly, while women,” she noted, “watch their femininity disappear.”

Men become swarthy, they get to grow beards and have an excuse to be unwashed and scruffy.

Unfortunately, what can be dashing for …Read more

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Memoir: Cruising Conversations with a daring duo!

In their new book Cruising conversations with a daring duo! Corinne and Chuck Kanter delve through their 30+ years of sailing experience, especially their 15 years as full-time liveaboards. In this memoir, they share their learning experiences, the wonderful people they met, and the joys of the lifestyle outside the proverbial box.

The following excerpts are …Read more

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Elli shares her thanks and logbook from her family's year of cruising (Part 2)


Elli wrote us to say thanks for all the support and inspiration she has received from Women and Cruising, and from our 12 Sailing Families.

Back after a year’s cruise, her log book entries vividly bring back the reality of cruising.  Part 1 of this 2-part post was published on Oct …Read more

Cruising Life, Cruising with Kids

Elli shares her thanks and logbook from her family's year of cruising (Part1)


My name is Elli Straus. My husband and I pulled our two daughters out of school three years ago this October and sailed for the better part of a year on our 42ft. Beneteau, Wind of Peace. Our adventure began …Read more

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Bev Feiges: The best about living aboard Cloverleaf


Bev Feiges, aboard Cloverleaf, a 61-foot custom Krogen motoryacht, shares a list of some things she wouldn’t want to live without, and some pictures of great things about living aboard.

Lets start with the great things about living aboard.
Mostly it’s about the people you meet.

Everyone will tell you that.

Evening dinner in the cockpit. Mixed …Read more

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Traveler vs. Tourist

Travelers vs Tourists

As Brittany and Scott, newlyweds, head down island to the Caribbean on their Hallberg-Rassy 35, Brittany reflects on ways that  cruising takes her out of tourist mode. Thanks, Brittany for sharing this post from your blog! Keep us updated!

One of the greatest gift of cruising to a place via sailboat is the fact that you …Read more

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What I like best about cruising? Passages and anchorages: a world of your own


On the long passages, nothing compares to being completely and solely in charge of your entire world and in tune with the world around you – as long as it’s going well.

Alex and I sail double-handed most often, so only one of us is awake at any given time.

When you’re on watch, the entire world …Read more