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The drier side of Bonaire


Sharing lunch with the whiptail lizards

Noted for its world-class diving sites, the “drier” side of Bonaire is many times forgotten. The salt mountains of the south, the largest pink flamingo sanctuary in the Caribbean and the wild and barren Washington Slagbaai Park in the North all contribute to a side of Bonaire that some mistakenly …Read more

Relationships & Roles Aboard

Boat jobs: Pink or Blue? Marcie Lynn comments

Marcie & Dave

In April, Betsy Morris wrote about the division of boat jobs aboard Salsa (Boat jobs: Pink or Blue? Betsy Morris’ Confession). She wondered how other cruising couples divided up the jobs and whether they were happy with the result. Following is Marcie Lynn’s response.

I enjoyed reading Betsy’s article, but I guess I …Read more


Marcie Lynn speaks French (and Spranglish) in French Polynesia

We asked Marcie …

How are you doing with your French in French Polynesia?

I took French in high school and university and I was really looking forward to speaking French again in French Polynesia.

I got out my refresher books and studied mostly every day from Juan Fernandez, Chile to our arrival in the Iles …Read more