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Where to begin?


Amy’s questions

My husband and I are very serious about eventually enjoying the cruising lifestyle.

• We are presently up against many challenges, least of those is not having any experience sailing. We live in central Ohio, therefore our opportunities to learn to sail are fairly limited.  I have done some extensive research about sailing …Read more

Cruising with Kids

Sailing Families – Halfway Through!


Recently, a big hubbub was made in the national news about a family of five – the Craftons – who completed a circumnavigation aboard their sailboat!

To landlubbers who are unaware of the global cruising community, the Crafton family’s circumnavigation seemed so audacious a thing to attempt, that it must be singular, so unfamiliar, it must …Read more

BOOKS, Relationships & Roles Aboard

Get Her On Board (Secrets to Sharing the Cruising Dream)

Get Her On Board, by Nick O'Kelly

Through a sequence of connections it would take a page to recount, I’ve come back in touch with a cruiser I first met in a group of West Coast sailors getting ready to leave for the South Pacific from Puerto Vallarta back in 2003.

A series of maintenance problems cropped up and kept Nick and his …Read more

ASK YOUR QUESTIONS, Provisioning-Cooking Q&A, TIPS & IDEAS

What should I cook on our BVI sailing charter?


Gwen Hamlin answers this question:

We are planning an 8 day catamaran trip to the BVI’s. This is a first sailing trip for my boyfriend and I, and my sis and her hubby. My boyfriend and I love to cook, grill, prepare, etc. My sister and her husband prefer not to bother. So here is my question, do you have some recipes that you could share that are fun and easy to prepare,Read more

Take Your Passion Cruising

Gwen took her SCUBA passion cruising


Actually, it was the other way around: It was my passion that took me cruising.

I became an avid scuba diver while living in New York City. I know it sounds odd, but not only is there some excellent (and very historical) diving in the New York metro area, but the city probably has the world’s best access OUT by air to great diving …Read more


Read the new Admiral’s Angle: My Bookshelf, A Mental Voyage

If you are following my Admiral’s Angle columns here on Women and Cruising and if you love books, you will want to catch #42 – My Bookshelf, A Mental Voyage.

This is Part One of three-part series on books aboard.  Part Two will be about Cruising Sagas recommended by the Admirals, and …Read more

BOOKS, Take Your Passion Cruising

Admirals Angle: Taking Passions Cruising


“A land lubber might be forgiven for thinking that when we commit to the cruising life our main and overriding passion is for sailing.

Very often this is true, of course, but we are not one-dimensional creatures. We all have other interests, other passions — some long-standing and others we’ve never had time for …Read more


How We Choose Where We Cruise, Part 2

You can now read the the current installment of my Admiral’s Angle column in Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine — How We Choose Where We Cruise, Part Two – in the online version of the May 2009 issue of Latitudes and Attitudes.

To read Part One of How We …Read more