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Cruisers give back

Birding Aboard “SeaBC” has sailors reporting unusual birds


In the Women and Cruising blog series “Take Your Passion Cruising” I wrote about my passion: birds.

When you’re cruising, you’re immersed in nature, and many of us enjoy watching the birds while underway or at anchor. But as a boater you’re also in a unique position to contribute to citizen science simply …Read more

Cruisers give back, Cruising Life

Women cruisers organize seabird citizen science project

Diana Doyle

A year ago, I wrote about “Birding Aboard” for Women and Cruising’s series, Take Your Passion Cruising.
It turned out I was not alone in my passion for observing and enjoying birds while cruising.
Thanks to the phenomenal network of Women and Cruising, I connected to several other dedicated …Read more

Take Your Passion Cruising

Diana Doyle enjoys “birding aboard” as she writes cruising guides


When my husband Mark and I started writing cruising guides,

we called them “enriched” guides because we wanted to include more than just the “mileposts and signposts” of transiting from one port to another.

When we cruised, we most enjoyed the learning experiences along the way. Although we were busy piloting, we were curious about the stories …Read more