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Back to land: Choking on the anchor


When all your adult life you have dreamed of and planned for a life aboard and cruising, it is a disorientating stumble to face a turn-around back to land.

It is even more distressing to find that it is not an easy adjustment. For many reasons cruisers find themselves landlocked, whether by choice, or by …Read more

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Cruising is not camping


My husband was pretty sure I was serious about selling up and going cruising when I returned the gold watch he had given me for our anniversary (“She’s even too crazy to be a cruiser,” I hear you gasp). However, what really convinced him was when I parted with my (shamefully vast) collection of “Cottage Living” and “Victoria” …Read more

Cruising Life

How I said farewell to the Southern Cross and got new eyes.


At 16o 36.050 S and 97o 31.080 W we turned around. It was not equipment failure or dangerous weather; it was fatigue.
We were half way to Easter Island from the Galapagos and from there we were headed to the fjords of Chile.
But it was not to be. We knew we would only get more tired and the safety of our family in a vast empty sea would be at risk. I had resisted abandoning the plan. I wanted the children to see that dreams and plans can be …Read more

First Cruise/First passage

First cruising adventure: Our best and worst moments


Thoughts on my First Cruising Adventure:  Panama Canal Transit and Pacific Coast of Central America and Mexico in our 72 foot steel sail boat, Ironbarque in June 2008

Sharing a moment on the Chagris River (Panama)


Ironbarque started life as one of the boats built to race around the world in the Southern Ocean as part …Read more

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Staying pink in a blue world


Ann, on HanaCrew, made a sad observation as we sat on deck in the marina in La Cruz: “Cruising seems to make men more manly, while women,” she noted, “watch their femininity disappear.”

Men become swarthy, they get to grow beards and have an excuse to be unwashed and scruffy.

Unfortunately, what can be dashing for …Read more